Sokurov said his film about Hitler and Stalin in Purgatory is “a fairy tale without any hints” 19:09

Director Alexander Sokurov announced that his film “Fairy Tale” was withdrawn from the screening at the international “Karo.Art” festival in Moscow. In a conversation with, the People’s Artist of Russia said that he did not receive any explanation and did not know what “motivations” there might be against showing his work.

“I heard that the festival has withdrawn the film from screening without providing any details. You can imagine that no festival could sell 1,200 tickets and cancel the screening after the venue was sold out. Of course, this is the instruction of the Ministry of Culture or private institutions. You understand what kind of organs these are. I don’t know what motivation there could be against showing this movie. This is actually a fairy tale, a historical tale without any implications. Everything is flat, everything is clear, everything is supremely magnificent. And of course, no government agency will make any statement. Who am I? We are insignificant, in general some kind of insignificant dust, why do we need to explain anything to us? If he wanted, then he could probably come up with all kinds of provocative fabrications about this film, as he does about any work of art. “There will be a lot of things that cannot be stopped,” he said.

Sokurov added that he was “outraged by the violation of laws by state institutions” and that according to the Constitution, “censorship is prohibited in Russia.”

“This is really outrageous. This is a work of art. Censorship is prohibited under the laws of the Russian Federation and the Constitution. And no one has the right to restrict the access of a work of art or the presentation of a work of art to a national audience. Because the film has already been shown and is being shown all over the world,” he said.

Organizers of the Karo.Art festival in Moscow on Friday reportedIt has been reported that the screening of Alexander Sokurov’s film “Fairy Tale”, planned for October 15, has been cancelled.

The film is set in the afterlife where Stalin, Churchill, Hitler and Mussolini meet, each speaking their own language: Georgian, English, German and Italian. As Sokurov explains, historical materials for work on the film (visual documents, including from the USA and Europe) were collected over several years.

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Source: Gazeta


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