Pavel Derevianko complained about betrayal and his own stupidity 11:45

Chat with actor Pavel Derevyanko He complained about his stupidity and short-sightedness after being deceived by the artist’s friend, crypto fraudster Grigory Muluzyan.

“I can say that I am very clear. I’m wrong about being stupid and narrow-minded. I was not professionally financially savvy. He was my friend, an old friend now, this was a betrayal. I trusted him completely and then this happened. No problem: we learn from mistakes. Now I advise you to listen to yourself and your family,” said Derevianko.

The artist decided to invest in this business at the end of 2021 after consulting an acquaintance who knew about cryptocurrency. In the first month, Derevianko donated about a million rubles, and after a while this amount came back to him with interest. Later, an acquaintance of the actor advised him to work with a more experienced crypto investor who worked with larger amounts.

According to Baza, after the signing of the agreement, Derevianko was given a commitment of up to 84% of the investment amount annually. The artist did not look into the matter, signed the documents without looking and began to wait for the profit. But “successful crypto businessman” in July 2023 filed There are two lawsuits against the artist, demanding a total of 45 million rubles.

Previously Artem Tkachenko given 10 bitcoins to crypto fraudster who deceived Derevianko.

Source: Gazeta


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