I waited seven hours for twenty seconds of “fame”: This is how I made it to the overtime squad

It could mean waiting even just twenty seconds in front of a jury after more than seven hours of waiting a radical change in your lifeGoing from being an unknown person to having a dazzling career as an artist. This is how long it takes to sing a verse and chorus that could be the key to your new music career. This is what happened 84 people was selected in the final cast of the new edition Operation Triunfo 2023among more than 3,048 offered.

Legendary talent show is returning to our screens, this time from Amazon Prime. This is how it is in the twelfth edition operation victory assuming a new eraSince the competition will be published on the digital platform and Can be seen in more than 30 countriesThus, the voices of the artists selected to be part of the new academy will be heard beyond Spain. More than 13,000 people participated in the elections Only 10,000 people attended the events held in nine cities in Spain in the last edition in 2020.

Madrid was the last stop for these castings. Last Thursday, the attendance record was broken in the capital. The city with the most applications. A total of 3,048 people attended the event. talent and lonely 0.43% of participants They were selected to advance to the second stage of the competition. Among the total number of people who received the famous “sticker” that allows you to move to the next stage and brings a lot of hope, Only 13 people will choose one of the academy places after the final casting It will take place in Barcelona between 2-4 October.

I was among more than 3,000 people who decided to leave their daily lives, get up early, risk this opportunity and join the cast in Madrid. Like most of those who decided to line up that day, I had always wanted to be a singer since I was little. Operación Triunfo was the perfect opportunity to realize my dream. So from the moment they announced the new edition and the cast, I was determined to come to Madrid and be one of the people selected for this year.

Perfect song at the right time

Nerves, excitement and enthusiasm took over me from the first minute before going to the casting, even days before. It all starts the moment you decide to present yourself and you have to decide which one to choose. perfect song” To show who you are and that you have what they are looking for to become the new contestant of this edition. This year the operation was different because the organization gave you a list of 50 songs so you can choose one. This can work for or against you because you don’t know what options you have. In my case, I was lucky to find a song that I felt comfortable with and where I could show a little bit of who I was as a singer. The person chosen was Someone You Love Written by Lewis Capaldi. But having to choose from a list of songs greatly limits the possibilities for “showing off” or at least “showing who you are.”

The next step was to be cast that day. Since Madrid was the last city where the tests took place, I decided to get up early to get in the queue as there were likely to be a lot of people coming. When I arrived at the Casa de Campo Satellite Pavilion, the location where the Operación Triunfo team chose to conduct the tests, I was greeted with a surprise: the queue went around the mansion And There were many more people than expected.. This can only mean one thing: waiting for hours for ten seconds of “fame”.

Before I was cast, I thought I would be one of the first, or in the middle at most. Surprisingly, this was almost one of the last ones. The first in line appeared at the door of the mansion at two o’clock in the morningSo they didn’t get much sleep that night, which meant putting your under-rested voice at risk.

Don’t wait for hours

“This is the last, very last opportunity to enter.” In fact, a girl I had the opportunity to talk to when I arrived said. I was right. Madrid was the last city he was in. operation victory After going through eight more people, casting was being done; among them barcelona, Zaragoza anyone Malaga. So this was our “last chance” to try to get into the academy. In my case, it was during this edition that I presented myself to this cast for the first time. But there were many people who tried this in other cities and even succeeded. One of the girls next to me commented, “I was in Bilbao, I was terrible there and now I want to try it here.” “That’s why I want to come in. I will try as long as it takes” added another. When I heard that they tried several times, I became even more nervous because while they had several chances, I only had one. In my case, I chose Madrid because I live here and cannot go to any other city for work. Despite everything, I still had a chance to realize my dream.

These hours of waiting led to many stories and meeting many people. “operation victory is a springboard for my music career” A girl who was with me next sang. Her name is Iris Penche (@irispenche) and I was very surprised that she did the casting because she is lucky enough to devote herself to music. “This world is very difficult,” she told me, but assured me that she would make it no matter what. “knock on all possible doors” Until one opens. Iris had already performed in another city during this edition, but things did not go as well as she wanted and she tried again in Madrid.

Nerves and more nerves

As the hours passed and I queued, I became more and more nervous. Many things go through your mind during these long moments of waiting, but above all, you think about the “few” chances you have to be one of those chosen to be part of this famous group. talent. Also listening too much noise, Very good And very different, made me think about what could be so special that the jury would notice me in the very limited time I have to sing. My mind was not on my side and I wanted to quit many times, but in the end I decided to stay and fight for my dreams.

I had to wait four, five, six and even seven hours for my twenty-second chance to sing the song of my choice. The moment I entered the pavilion I was paralyzed because I’m starting to realize where I am. “Please go there,” one of the team workers coordinating the line said to me. These words helped me keep my feet on the ground. This final part of the casting was divided into four different rows, one for each jury member, including the academy director. Noemi Galera. I didn’t pay much attention to it, but I didn’t attach much importance to it either. Any of the four could see it if that was what they were looking for.

Less than 10 minutes left for the moment I’ve dreamed about and rehearsed so much. My nerves completely took over and I had to take a deep breath to find some peace. I skimmed the lyrics, hummed the song, and took a breath. it was my turn. My legs were shaking and I was having trouble holding the microphone. I looked at the person in front of me and on whom my future in this competition depended at that moment. I started singing with great excitement and this was reflected in my voice. While I was singing, three other people were singing. This was something I didn’t trust and it played tricks on me because I wasn’t 100 percent focused.

During those twenty seconds, I sang that poem and chorus with all my might that I had prepared so much for, but it wasn’t enough to be one of the 84 selected candidates who received the sticker and moved on to the second stage of the competition. Response to my song: a “thank you very much” And a smile. It didn’t take me long to realize that I didn’t have what they were looking for and the long seven hour wait was over.

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