Spotify will let AI transcribe podcast audio into other languages

What if you could clone yourself? sound speak in a way language What do you know? This possibility is becoming more and more real artificial intelligence (AI). Aware of this, Spotify this Monday announced the launch of a new function that translates parts of some songs. podcasts It is the best known in the Anglo-Saxon world.

The Swedish audio platform has already made Spanish versions of the programs available to the public. Lex Friedman, Steven Bartlett, Dax Shepard, Monica Padman anyone bill simmons. In the second round, the group will be expanded to translate other popular authors.

Although little known in Spain, these English-language ‘podcasts’ have amassed tens of thousands of followers. Spotify’s pilot program that transcribes your voice into the world’s third most spoken language will allow them to expand their listener base, thus breaking down language barriers.

“What if I told you that you could deliver your podcast to any listener in the world in their local language, but keeping your own voice? That’s crazy,” he celebrated. Daniel EckFounder and CEO of Spotify.

Source: Informacion


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