Sophia Loren was hospitalized 00:31

Singer Sophia Loren was hospitalized with a hip fracture. writes about this RIA News.

Relevant data was published by representatives of the singer’s establishment, Sophia Loren Restaurant. It was stated that the woman fell at her home in Geneva. On September 20, the woman turned 89 years old.

“He had a successful surgery,” the news release said.

86-year-old Sophia Loren in 2020 announced About the shooting of the Netflix movie.

The woman played the main role in the feature film “All Life Ahead” based on the work of Romain Gary. Lauren’s heroine is Madame Rosie, who takes care of the children of local prostitutes. The woman began to take care of the difficult young Momo, who, although busy, made a living by stealing in the market.

Lauren’s previous feature film was the 2010 biographical drama My House Is Full of Mirrors, which chronicled her life and career. In 2014, the actor starred in his son Edoardo Ponti’s short film “The Human Voice”, adapted from Jean Cocteau’s play.

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Source: Gazeta


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