This will be our life in the Metaverse

virtual universe It’s the new buzzword on the internet, but many people don’t really know what it is. Experts say it looks like an airplane that hasn’t flown yet but is accelerating on the runway. we know that big bet of former Facebook owner -that the social network has changed its name to Meta and big brands are already investing in it. Or in one, because they all agree there will be many metaverses.

Valencian businessman and owner of Mercadona Juan Roig has already bought ground in the US. Utopia, the “first Spanish metaverse” and attracted 1,600 potential buyers of its properties in the first month of its life. “This is not a bubble that will burst. It will certainly be used, but how it will be defined is not yet known,” explains Santiago Escobar, a cybersecurity and artificial intelligence expert.

The first thing to know what metadata is is to know what it is not. “A lot of people think it’s a game, but no. Metaverse is a purely virtual reality that we go into to do everything. We’re talking about virtual reality, which until now was limited to video games and will now allow us to connect. For example, instead of using WhatsApp, you’ll communicate via metadata storage. . Or you will work by entering the house. Metaverse is looking for the virtual jump from day to day from video games, where there will be advertisements, brokers, trades… », adds the expert.

Brands are already participating

Nuria Lloret, Professor of Digital Management at Valencia Polytechnic University, explains the meaning of the metaverse in one word: «interoperability». “There are many brands that already exist in the metaverses. For example, there are groups from a school in Malaga that will teach in a particular metaverse,” she says.

“The particular difference between a video game and a metadata store is interoperability. When you enter a video game and buy something, it stays in the game and you cannot carry things with your avatar. It will be possible to work together with the metaverse. You can have a metaverse with the office and “That avatar, with his shirts, his car, his stuff, can enter another metaverse or go to the doctor to see a concert. It doesn’t have to be a real concert, but it’s a created concert in the metaverse,” adds Lloret. See a doctor? Yes, they point out that the telephone counseling used since the pandemic will become virtual.

Augmented reality glasses, a highly advanced technology that allows virtual elements to be applied over a representation of physical reality, are key in the evolution of metadata universes. “There are many people who use them in certain contexts. And today’s phones also have cameras with this technology.

For example, when Polytechnic creates its own metaverse, you can go to class with your own avatar. And with augmented reality, everything will be immersive. With the augmented reality glasses, we will feel like we are in the classroom with our classmates,” says the professor.

Therefore, experts in the field agree. There will be many interconnected metaverses. We can go to football and the theater. We can go to the mall to buy real products. “For example, it will be possible to go to a Premier League game and watch it glide over the players from the front row or even from the top of the pitch. Then you can enter another metaverse to talk to your friends about the game, for example,” explains Escobar. “You have to think more about experiences that are more global rather than local. I’m not physically going to Las Vegas to go to a concert or play at the casino, instead I enter the metaverse and get a bonus”, adds Lloret.

In short, we are faced with a virtual and immersive ecosystem where we can meet up with family or friends, exercise, work, play games or go to concerts (in fact, we can already do this in some ‘experimental’ metaverse). and practically all other activities accessed in the real world. The barriers of space and time dissolve and you can be anywhere in the world without getting up from the couch.

“We need job profiles for new fields”

According to consultants, 80% of the jobs of the future are yet to be invented

Professor Nuria Lloret explains that the advent of metaverses will “open up many professional profiles.” “We need people to work in these areas. People who enter will have a guaranteed job for at least 20 years”, the electronic administration expert dares to reassure.

Human resources consultants predicted this a few years ago: 80% of the jobs of the future are yet to be invented or created… and some of them will be those related to the metaverse.

Meta (Facebook’s new parent company) recently announced that it will be hiring 10,000 people in the European Union over the next five years, which are today in its early stages, but are “aiming to develop a metaverse” in just ten years. According to Mark Zuckerberg, reaching 1 billion people, generating hundreds of billions in digital commerce and providing jobs for creators and developers. They point out that it will be the job of many companies to enable interoperability between themselves, their products, and their users spread across the globe.

The term metaverse comes from Snow Crash, a 1992 novel in which several alternative spaces consolidated as virtual or three-dimensional began to be described. Therefore, this understanding of the metaverse concerns a virtual world created to resemble an external reality.

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