Shakira admitted that she left her career for Pique, who cheated on her 14:50

Colombian singer Shakira in an interview with Billboard acceptedThe football player who cheated on her said that she left her career for Gerard Pique, the father of her two children.

According to Shakira, family was a priority for her and she wanted to live with her husband all her life, like her father and mother.

“I believed in this dream for the sake of myself and the children. I know it is possible, my family has always been an example to me. “This is what I wanted for my family, but it didn’t happen,” he shared.

The 46-year-old star announced that he had to take a break from his career in order to transfer to the athlete in Spain.

“I devoted myself to him and my family. It was difficult for me to continue working in Barcelona. I could not leave the children and play music outside the house,” said the star.

In May 2023, Shakira and her children moved to Miami (USA), recording new music and planning a tour in 2024. She said children also benefit from this movement.

“There were paparazzi on our porch every day in Barcelona. “Here they are normal kids with normal lives, and for them school is what it should be: a safe place where they can be themselves,” says Shakira.

The singer and the football player announced their separation in June 2022. The reason for the breakdown of the 11-year relationship was Pique’s infidelities.

September 13 Shakira visit He appeared on stage with his hit songs at the music award MTV Video Music Awards 2023.

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