In favor of ecology in ‘Heritage’



creating: Theater Industry. Address: Jordi Purti

A few clowns, men and women, but no extravagant clothing, excessive makeup or flashy wigs. Maneuvers that mock the everyday circus and everyday life that harm the environment and suggest respect for nature. And a didactic document for the whole family with two comedians who can use the art of old street theater in a circular setting, the audience around the scenic area or in a room like in the Arniches.

This is what has been run by the Catalan company La Industrial Teatrera together with Jaume Navarro and Mamen Olías since 2002. They look for smiles and excite all audiences with the “Heritage” they create and their interpretation skills. Theatrical acts and the interaction between them and the audience, and an experience with no text, single words and audible sounds. A visual and conceptual work that invites us to think differently and move away from traditional patterns for individual and collective benefit.

Both characters are in a dumpster full of garbage bags. What planet will future generations own? An existential and symbolic drama that reminds us of Beckett’s theater of the absurd. Don’t we need to improve our heritage for a better future? Under the direction of Jordi Purtí, these two clowns convey sensitivity, thoughtfulness and fun.

They play with what’s in the music field and find books to laugh or moan. A book can be a flying seagull. A vinyl record makes sound by rubbing it with your hand. Or the globe that got sick and exploded. A doll in the litter is a puppet they manipulate. Some spectators shake the waters of a sea of ​​plastics where waste falls and pollution is rampant.

The public contributes to throwing the bags into a container and the stage remains clean in the name of ecology. They go through a door and breathe. The sound of rain and the plant grow. When this is the case, a clean world happily welcomes every living thing.

Source: Informacion


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