Cheburashka star responds to rumors that he will move to Argentina 11:46

Actress Olga Kuzmina denied on Instagram (the owner of the Meta company is known as an extremist and was banned in Russia) that she was moving to Argentina permanently.

Kuzmina said that she would return to Russia after giving birth in two months. According to the star’s statement, his family and friends are waiting for him at home.

“Even though it’s only been a week, we already miss each other. “We will definitely not part with them forever,” the artist said.

Kuzmina also claimed that she did not know about the flight to another country and that it was a surprise for her husband. The artist admitted that she and her husband planned the trip in advance – they collected all the necessary documents, certificates and consulted a doctor.

On September 11, it became known that Kuzmina went to Argentina. The purpose of the trip was to buy an apartment.

On June 7, Kuzmina announced her pregnancy. She is expecting a child from her husband Evgeniy Apanasevich. The star will have a daughter. The artist also has a son, Gordey, from her ex-husband Alexei Tereshchenko.

July 29 Kuzmina sharedHow did I meet Apanasevich? Their first meeting took place in May 2021 on the set of the show “The Secret of the Whole World” in Belarus.

Previously Timofey Pronkin, the lead singer of the Hi-Fi band, said that he wants a house in France.

Source: Gazeta


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