“Earthlings” leader Kiselyov criticized Gazmanov’s work 10:14

The leader of the group “Earthlings” Vladimir Kiselev criticized in a conversation with the publication “StarHit” creativity of his colleague Oleg Gazmanov.

Kiselev called Gazmanov a “disabled composer”. According to the artist, a colleague offered him to write a song for which he would pay for it.

“Well, where can I, a simple “non-musician”, write such an immortal work as “Whores”, one of the greatest works of Mr. Gazmanov, glorifying prostitutes, prostitutes among ordinary people, said Kiselev.

This is not the first conflict between Gazmanov and Kiselev. Before that, the leader of the group “Zemlyane” condemned the singer and composer Igor Matvienko for writing paid patriotic songs, then Gazmanov denied He evaluated Kiselev as a musician and recalled that he was the owner of Russian Radio.

Gazmanov also responded to comparisons with Joseph Kobzon. He stated that Kobzon was not a songwriter and that he also performed compositions written by Gazmanov.

Kiselev in July Wrote A large letter to the singer Oleg Gazmanov, in which he stated that the artist performed the song “Officers” and many other compositions.

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Source: Gazeta


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