DJ Marta Fierro, who supports Madonna, struggles with depression: “They stopped calling me from many places”

“The other day I was told a Panic attack while clicking. It all started with me trying to relax before going on stage. Before he knew it, the locker room was full of people he didn’t even know. I understand that it was the only room in a room for a thousand people and that workers had to use it for breaks, but these were not workers and they were not going to rest. “The majority came to get some strips.” Marta Fierro (Monforte de Lemos, 1982) is a DJ who has performed more than a thousand times at festivals, clubs, events and discos. He played with David Guetta. Calvin Harris And Zombie Kids. He even opened for Madonna. arcade fever And Old Purple. However, success was not enough to stop similar crises that have been going on for 20 years.

That night, the depression Eme DJ started to feel turned into nausea. And then with vomiting. 10 minutes after the session his hands fell asleep. They offered to cancel, but he immediately declined the invitation. He asked for a bucket to be placed in the booth and came in a few minutes later: “I couldn’t concentrate on the mixes or listen to the songs with the necessary attention. I tried to pay attention to the participants, but I did not want them to notice my situation. I was very scared. “I wanted this to end as soon as possible because the situation was getting out of control.”

After 20 minutes, the manager approached him and suggested he stop. Then he felt relieved… but also humiliated. He believed that he disappointed those present and therefore they would not hire him again. “Soon after, in the back of my agent’s car, I had an orchid in my mouth and was finally breathing easier. The next morning, The regret, despair and disappointment were immense”.

With experience on the most challenging boards in Spain, the UK, Tunisia, Italy and Bosnia, Marta is one of the greatest experts in her profession. Therefore, it makes the artist’s performance visible by combining the DJ role with courses and workshops. problems associated mental health. The last project started was Depression in the cabinA series of roving talks in public spaces to raise awareness and provide tools: during which there will be lectures, relaxation techniques and roundtables, as well as documentary screenings. fear fearhe is in the leading role. Why is it more acceptable for a DJ to take drugs than to talk about his depression? This is the question that forms the basis of this initiative, whose first appointments have already been planned.

living with pain

“I don’t have a manager, so I manage everything myself. I work for someone else, but I work as if I were self-employed. I spend half my day trying to find ways to get more gigs; This could be creating more music, rehearsing at home, watching tutorials on new technology products, or signing up for clubs. Although I usually have dates planned several months in advance, I worry about what will happen next. And when they get close and I can’t get new ones, I start to despair. Fortunately, I live alone and have no one to take care of me,” explains Marta about a routine that is not often repeated.

He is always on the lookout for new trends and techniques, so he has adapted his own style. demonstrations to any audience. He is an open format DJ covering music genres such as indie, pop, rock, soul, disco, R&B, electro, house, breakbeat. This has allowed him to amass a large collection of music from almost all eras and genres. He has currently released four EPs as a producer. He also remixed the songs of Zahara, Love Of Lesbiyen, Vega, Niño Mutantes, Varry Brava, Dover, Miss Caffeina…

Although he achieved his dream of becoming a DJ, the instability that plagued this profession caused him to rethink his path many times. “I consider myself privileged, but I suffer not knowing if they will keep looking for me. Sometimes you even want to disappear to escape the despair of thinking that something is of no use to you. So I took this opportunity, grabbed the burning nail and didn’t let go… And yet I was disappointed by the low value given to my profession. I know this is a long distance race. I’ve been there for 20 years and I’m afraid my head and body won’t be able to withstand another five people.“, get to know. During this time, between his trips to FIB and Sónar, he published the following books: Mom, I want to be a DJ (2015) and How to become a DJ? User guide (2021). A creative earthquake in the face of business ups and downs.

Insecurity and fear

“This is for me It is impossible to achieve economic and mental stability. It’s true that there are places that treat you like an artist, but some places seem like they’re doing you a favor. Moreover, they demand an invoice even though you have no obligation to do so. As for finance, we have colleagues who earn from what they produce… and this means thousands of euros. The vast majority of us are now reduced to collecting a small negotiable cache. Mine has been in decline over the years and is now where it should be. “All this makes it impossible to achieve mental balance,” he continues.

Marta, who tops the magazine’s list three times rockdelux Dedicated to the best national DJs (2010, 2011 and 2014), it suffers from the pitfalls of an industry that, even as it makes progress, does not know how to address the mental health of its employees: “There is a lot of insecurity, fear and anxiety. victimization. People don’t want to lose their jobs, and unfortunately this is still true: I have stopped receiving calls from many places regarding this issue. I don’t blame them, I’m not angry. Moreover, I understand this.”

Its aim is to break taboos that are still entrenched in society due to ignorance and rejection. And especially in this industry. He achieves this carefully through a speech that is as sincere as it is brutal: he not only reveals his difficulties, but also turns them into mirrors in which everyone can see his own reflection. It is the first step towards a new life that is much lighter despite the doubts. “I cannot say that I have overcome panic attacks, but today I cope with them in different ways. My triggers are many and the task of controlling them is difficult. I will not say that this disease defeated me: the fight continues. Even so, I lose the control I have gained from time to time… It is very difficult to understand how your mind is going one way and your body is going the other way.”

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