Drinking beer in a bug’s stomach? What you can do in Alicante

Alicante is a city we instantly recognize with its magical and iconic venues, whether overgrown with artifacts or punctuated by the Hogueras barracks: castle Saint Barbara Views from Paseo de la and its historic battlements Promenade and the busy pedestrian crossing that led us onto the road Postiguet“mushroom street”, lights…neighbourhoods and areas less visited by tourists hold many visible and hidden treasures.

These last areas are normally the most visited by “terreta” residents, and they are aware of the many enclaves and curiosities with places that do not usually appear in Instagram searches and are still worth doing so. . .

At Las Cigarreras, anyone can drink coffee or beer inside one of these animals, playing on the double meaning offered by the name of the former tobacco factory in Alicante: we are talking about cicadas (or “chicharra”). ) the center of Alicante culture. A place where you can drink coffee in the belly of one of these creatures before or after visiting the centre.

Dedicated to hosting concerts, screenings, talks, exhibitions, this cafeteria outside the municipal center opened its doors in January 2015… A completely unique building that every architecture lover should visit: built by architects Tomas Amat And Pablo Belda With the coordination of the engineer José Andrés Lluch.

Now the cicada is closed and covered with works, but soon it will be visible to all visitors again.

La Cicada and jazz concert.

The entire work represents this insect through a composition featuring a white head made of Corian followed by a body made of wood with a metal structure representing the legs.

View of Las Cigarreras cafeteria.

According to the website dedicated to architecture, “Architectural works”This area is a construction site “It is designed to create a new meeting and communication space for the city and the region, and it refers to the old name of the place and connects it to the place, nature and its current use. “It is literally a bug perched in the garden.”

The place for ‘retro’ this weekend

This weekend, the cultural center will host events related to the world of video games that will delight those who are in love with the eighties.

About “Retroalakant”, It was organized by Las Cigarreras and its owner Jorge Selfa. LandAlicante bookstore is dedicated to old copies.

During Saturday, September 16 (between 10:00 – 20:30) and the morning Sunday (10:00 – 14:00) Those who love video games, consoles, board games and books dedicated to the 80s and 90s will have a place to participate in arcade battles, workshops, charity tournaments, book signings and much more.

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