Manuel Parra: education and poetry

Manuel Parra Pozuelo, who was always Manolo Parra, is dead. Years ago, he embarked on a path of painful silence and oblivion, depriving his family and many friends and colleagues of their words, often with enthusiasm, always filled with faith and devotion. I told his grandson, who burst into well-deserved tears yesterday, that he should always be proud of his grandfather. This is the basic truth. Like many of us, we are proud to have known him and enjoyed his teachings.

This manchego from Socuéllamos came to Alicante after his travels and experiences in other cultures and definitely attended to the roots of his life: communist militancy – PCE and EUPV – and union activism in CC.OO. There we learned the brilliance of his ideas, the tirelessness of his determination, and benefited from his experiences of victory and defeat. Two memories. First: his eagerness to persuade, which drives him to repeat many times: “Let’s see if I understand myself”, accompanied by a gesture of raising his hand towards his head. He would understand and convince us. Another: On the night of the NATO referendum, we were defeated by “no”; In the midst of reasonable sadness, he managed to lift his spirits with a surprising revelation: “I will drink systematically.” I don’t remember what we drank, but he remembered again that there was no point in prolonging the pain.

But for me, Manolo is first and foremost a trade unionist who educates. Beyond organizing union branches, including the UA’s, there was a deep and clear passion to recognize the transformative power of education, the humanistic capillary of knowledge. According to Manolo Parra, education was the necessary condition for people, that is, democratic society, to achieve a dignity worthy of the name. He received many awards, but it seems to me that none of them pleased him as much as the first “Ramiro Muñoz” award, because it bore the name of his dear friend, who was always indispensable, and at the same time it rewarded merit. For his contributions to the defense of public education.

And then, or better yet, always without prejudice to other works on poetry, historical memory or literary criticism. Poetry as devotion of the mind and senses, poetry as a task, poetry as a connection with the past and the future. The thoroughbred Hernandiano studied the poet of Orihuela with uncontrollable passion and did not hide his desire to appropriate his essence and fruits along with other writers. Poetry of Hernand origin as an ethical proposal: a knowledge and beauty that should be disseminated, without ignoring the historical and biographical circumstances of the author.

This is something the unionist poet says in so few words that, of course, most of us do not get the full life in which we have the chance to take part. This stanza serves as an impossible farewell:

“The dream of land shaking in the winds.

Peace tree in the afternoon.

Arista traveled for my aspirations.

“The presence of light in oblivion.”

So He leaves us shaken, at peace, the journey of His cares and intense light as an eternal guide in memory. I wish you to enjoy in peace a cloud of red flags, desks, pens and all the verses in the world.

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