theory of everything

The poet feeds on contemplation. Throughout history, observation has been the tool of the creator. Many events can be the spark that gives birth to a poem or the path to a novel. Everything is written, but life always surprises us. I have always said that the local can lead us to the universal; There are many examples of this. The feeling felt by a worker in a provincial city is the same feeling that shakes a worker in New York. Emotions are universal, joys and sorrows have no nationality, race or gender. Emotion unites us all, which is why poetry is humanity’s most valuable asset.

theory of everything

Rosa Mª Marcillas Piquer’s In Another Light, published by the Valencian publishing house Olé Libros, is an example of the author’s wonderfully contemplative works. Rosa opens with a poem titled Like You and I: “In these lines / when you read me / you will find your eyes / to illuminate the shadows / the skin / shed in loneliness / the look that seeks the gray silence.” This poem, which serves as a portal to the book, shows us very well the trace left by contemplation. Rosa lives from memories throughout this work, remembering it as if she were alive at the moment she shows it.

There is a melancholy in his poetry, the kind that is seen in people who live life on their tiptoes or not. Another example is the poem titled Landscapes: “A different landscape lives on each skin: / a city, / a beach, an oasis / rainy days / in the abysses of time. / The clocks make their way / cover the shoulders with leaves, / and when the storms / overflow the river beds / cover our steps with mud, / we want to start again. There is elegance in Rosa’s verses. His poems not only excite, they leave us with a feeling of privilege, as if the form of his poetry is as important as its substance. The message is clear, but the way you handle it also matters. The poem titled Beyond Nothing is a clear example of this: “What you dream builds you; / peeling off the embers of pain / reborn among the most scattered shadows, / giving you back your wings / you succumb to sadness. // In the dark hours of the afternoon / Preserved passions / The cold of absence / sheds a flood of light / on loneliness.

Under Another Light is divided into five separate sections: Only Your Voice, The Song Opens, Among the Shadows, Wounds on the Skin, and Where the Light Is Born. The book is like a journey between light and shadows. The author shows us the chiaroscuros of every life, we all move between lights and shadows. This is normal. Silences are also important. As in almost all good literature, what is not told is more important than what is shown. Many writers use literature as a gimmick, a way to show these lights and shadows. The purest emotions are reflected like in a mirror.

Rosa reveals her thoughts to us in order to universalize her feelings. As always in history, his poems are like boats arriving at a destination that is not always calculated. From another perspective, it is the sincere nakedness of an author who looks at the past with the passion of someone who has lived. Because only those who lived can tell what happened. She closes her collection of poems with some revealing verses like an epiphany. These are the summary, the theory of everything: “But sometimes you walk away from the light, / you hide in the shadows and / you choose to continue walking blindly / into the dark crater of the night.”

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