Father Leonid Agutin hospitalized 17:31

The father of the singer Leonid Agutin Nikolai was hospitalized. This was reported by Telegram channel Basis.

Nikolai Agutin was hospitalized on September 6. According to the publication, the artist tripped on a step in the pool and sprained his leg. As the Telegram channel notes, the star’s parent at first did not complain of the injury, but then severe pains appeared. In this context, Agutin Sr. applied to doctors. Doctors diagnosed him with embolism and vein thrombosis.

According to Baza, Agutin Sr. He went to the hospital in July. The singer was taken to the cardiology department with complaints of fatigue, pain in the legs and restless sleep.

Nikolai Agutin started his career at Mosconcert, where he sang and wrote music for other artists. He was also the concert director of the pop singer Zhenya Belousov and the bands Blue Guitars, Flowers, Jang, Cheerful Guys, Singing Hearts, Pesnyary.

In 2018, Agutin Sr. became a member of Voice. 60+”, his son Leonid became his mentor.

Leonid Agutin in August 2023 saidHow they fought Pelageya for Anton Belyaev.

Previously Nezlobin announced its move to the USA.

Source: Gazeta


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