Alicante cinema with options at the Berlanga Awards

HE Valencia Institute of Culture (IVC) and Valencia Audio-Visual Academy (AVAV) announced 369 applications appearing in 26 categories to the contest SAW Berlanga Valencia Audiovisual Awardstrying to recognize the quality, Feature films, short films, TV series and video games produced in the Community of Valencia Between November 2022 and November 2023.

Among this barrage of nominations, there are several. Films made from the state of Alicante. Among fictional feature films unicornsfrom Barcelona Alex Loraco-produced by Jaibo Movies and partially filmed off the coast of Alicante; fifteen as well as applications days of the nightmovie from Alicante Angel Puadoin total eleven. On the other hand, documentary films Chiaroscurorelated to Miguel Herrero Herrerowith nine; Person [no] personrelated to Álex Cuellar and Rafa G. Sánchezwith eight; And Altea, home of the searelated to Alexander Blasco, with fiveSome of the prominent studies in this field are first list of candidatesin the headlines of the movies to be forgotten (17 candidates including one from Alicante) Morgan Blasco as the lead actor) Kepler Sixth B (16), Escanyapobres, Quan doesn’t finish the night -with Alicante Alex Peral as a supporting actor and No Felic avivarii (15) and in addition to the series After you (17).

In the field of short films, several films bearing the Alicante stamp were selected in this first application filter; endless storyfrom San Vicentero david valero, Changefrom Benidormense Alberto gospel; The kisses I lostrelated to Mark Chanca; Wizardrelated to Tirso Calero; Our Historyrelated to Angel Puado; God bless you Mariarelated to Noelia Fluxá and Julie-Estel Soard (not to be confused with another short film of the same name shot in Benissa) and academicsco-directed by Alicante Marina Corton.


Now evaluation and monitoring platform vote consists of the works of academics. The list of candidates is available on both the IVC and AVAV websites. The first round of voting will end on Oct.. Announcement the same week finalistsThey will be official nominees for the VI Berlanga Awards. Inside second voteFrom 6 to 29 October, the winners of each category will be determined.To be announced at the VI Berlanga Awards premiere in 2023which will be held on 11 November inside Valencia Art Palace and it will be broadcast live by À Punt.

Filming of Àlex Lora’s “Unicorns”, produced by Jaibo Films, in La Vila David’s Revenge

New rewards

On this occasion, the Berlanga Awards consist of: 26 awardsThere are two innovations on the winners list: best original song award And The award will be determined by the jury.,

out of competition Valencia Audiovisual Honorary Award Grant given by the First Vice Presidency and the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Nominations by category

Looking at the nominations by category; Best Direction, Screenplay and Original Score These are the categories with the most confirmed candidates. AVAV confirmed a total of 369 entries distributed across all categories in the competition, but these three categories are in the majority. Best Directing 35 nominations; Best Screenplay Award 3. 4also Editing and Postproduction, 31 productions compete for Best Original Score.

No production application filed for Best Animated Feature Feature Filmso this category is left unemployed.

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