Nezlobin announces its move to the USA 17:15

Comedian, director and actor Alexander Nezlobin admitted that he moved to the United States for his job on the YouTube program Aitpa.

Nezlobin said that he chose America because he is a very good stand-up. The artist believed that this type of humor is highly developed only in this country. He compared the development level of stand-up in the USA with the NBA in the basketball world.

“We have leagues, we have the NBA, and I’m like: I want to try playing in the NBA, so I went there often,” the humorist said.

Nezlobin recalled how the first Russian concert in the United States brought unexpected success. Performing abroad is currently his only job, according to the comedian. He explained that concerts in America earned him ten times less than filmmaking. However, this does not bother him.

“But I’m honest with myself and I’m not cheating on anyone,” the artist said.

Nezlobin in August ConfessedHis mother calls him in tears. The comedian suggested that the parent did this to make him suffer for the separation.

Previously Poperechny’s wife complained of the comedian’s mental disorder.

Source: Gazeta


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