Stoyanov said news emerged that he was hospitalized because of sweatpants 11:51

Actor Yuri Stoyanov denied in an interview with that the Baza Telegram channel was hospitalized with a headache complaint. People’s Artist of Russia said that she came to the hospital for tests – these are normal.

“I’d be happy to tell you something but nothing. What about hospitalizations? I have a festival in Sochi the day after tomorrow, what a hospital situation. It’s a thrill seeking. I’m not hiding. He came in sweatpants, they saw where I went with my father with tests. These are patients, these are “Social networks. That’s the other side of popularity. Analysis is defined as follows even if you don’t understand anything: it says “norm”, if it’s not “norm” they print numbers in red, I look at these 50 lines, nothing is marked in red, he said.

On September 5, Baza Telegram channel reported that Stoyanov went to the doctor with a headache complaint. According to the Telegram channel, the artist was diagnosed with “hypertension with a high risk of complications”, the actress was on the ward of the therapy department. As the source noted, the artist needs regular medication.

before in Moscow hospitalized People’s Artist of the RSFSR Larisa Golubkina.

Source: Gazeta


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