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Autumn approaches in Alicante with a new program of classic films, reruns and unreleased documentaries. The film library of the Valencian Institute of Culture in Alicantehost Arniches Theaterstart date September last lap retrospective dedicated David Lynchalong with remastered copies of his most outstanding films, along with another series dedicated to it Film shot in the Community of Valencia It was awarded at the Berlanga Awards and another title dedicated to the circus in the cinema was signed. ingmar bergman. Against this, Mediterranean Cinematheque continues October projection music documentaries Nine films dedicated to representatives of pop music, which were released a few years ago, often not released on Alicante screens. Tequila, Coke Malla or Kiko Venenoor flamenco art From Jorge Pardo to Sara Baras.

Filmoteca de Sant Joan is in this last four months of the year. does not offer programming It will not be finished until 2024 due to the air conditioning works of the Culture House, which hosts the projections.

movie library

Movie Library belts start your projections – On Thursdays at 19.30.– with Loop dedicated to David Lynch and Begins on September 14 with one of his most mysterious and disturbing films, lost highway (1997), in the lead role Patricia Arquette and Bill PullmanTo be followed on September 28 Mulholland Road (2001), equally enigmatic, Naomi Watts and Laura Harring. As Filmoteca puts it, it is “a cinema that doesn’t even need to be understood to understand the plot.” one of the best experiences this can happen in a living room” but those who aren’t convinced by Lynch’s extreme point True story (1999), the film where the American genius moves away from obscurity and presents a simple and poignant story in Arniches on December 7, and on the 21st the documentary about the filmmaker is shown. David Lynch: Your Art Life (2016).

David Lynch’s “Lost Highway” opens Filmoteca del Arniches on September 14 INFORMATION

Filmoteca also makes a recommendation: loop through three Valencian builds most nominated and awarded Berlanga Awards 2022. Three different works: The friendship of two strangers in a world that doesn’t trust outsiders (VasilBy Avelina Prat, on September 21), the story of Oriolan Elena Lopez Riera mixing magic and costume (This5 October) and a family-friendly comedy full of originality (in the gloryby Roberto Bueso, on 14 December).

The program, prepared in cooperation with the Circarte festival, includes a film connected to the world. circus on October 19th. Personal view of the Swede on this occasion ingmar bergman with circus night (1953).


Mediterranean Cinemathequeprojections made Mondays at 7:00 pm. Aula de Cultura de Alicante always focuses on documentaries covering national and international pop-rock history, while FlemishWithin the scope of the festival held at the Akdeniz Foundation headquarters.

Programming starts 14 October with the documentary Tequila: sex, drugs and rock’n’rolltold by Cecilia Roth and with the participation of survivors from the legendary rock band: Ariel Rot, Alejo Stivel and Felipe LipeThis is followed by October 23 TranceBy Emilio Belmonte, on the flamenco music of the flutist and saxophonist Jorge PardoAn important artist for understanding the evolution of contemporary Flamenco.

Poster of the music documentary “We Are One” INFORMATION

A little-known documentary is coming October 30th, We Ride (2020, Anita Rivaroli) describes a unique event in the world of rock: a fan foo fighters In the small Italian town of Cesena, he managed to assemble a thousand instrumentalists to play the theme simultaneously. learn to fly American band that convinced Dave Grohl’s band to perform in Cesena.

Coque Malla in the documentary “Jorge” INFORMATION

Coming in November four flamenco documentaries: seven jelly (2022), Cante Jondo, Granada, 1922 (2022), an animated music documentary commemorating and tracing the history of the famous Cante Jondo Competition sponsored by Manuel de Falla and Federico Garcia Lorcaamong others; Sara Baras: all voicesone of Pepe Andreu and Rafael Molés’ first documentaries about the Cádiz-born bailaora; And Lobo Lopez one day (2022), Alejandro Salgado describing the musician who plunged between flamenco and pop Kiko Venom.

program Expires on December 4 with the latest documentary Coke Mesh, Jorge (2022), written by Cristina and María José Martín, chronicles the return of the former leader of the Los Ronaldos, from a young star to his rediscovery as a singer-songwriter and current creator of great Spanish pop-rock songs.

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