Singer Slava burst into tears over Heydarov on the set of the show 19:59

Singer Slava admitted in the program “Male / Female” that after plastic surgery with surgeon Timur Khaidarov, she abused alcohol for almost a year.

While telling about her bad plastic surgery experience, Slava could not hold back her tears and burst into tears. Yıldız said that she was ashamed to look at her breasts after the operation, and that bubbles formed under them. The artist could not even look at himself in the mirror.

“Like a hypnotist, he suggested: “Let’s recreate you.” And I do not understand why I went to him? Why did I do this? I had great breasts. The body is perfectly made, in general there are no questions about it. But for a woman, the most important thing is breasts, ”said the star.

On July 22, singer Slava accused Khaidarov of making her breasts of poor quality. After the surgery, she said she noticed breast asymmetry and “disgusting scars”. Khaidarov himself said that the singer did not follow the recommendations on the care of postoperative scars.

Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya supported Slava, saying that she herself was not satisfied with her flexibility to Khaidarov. Later, 52 more girls signed a collective letter against the surgeon. Lawyer Elena Senia is handling the case on behalf of the victims.

Previously singer Slava called the reason for breaking up with her husband.

Source: Gazeta


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