Polanski’s new movie starring Alexander Petrov has received devastating reviews from critics 11:56

90-year-old Roman Polanski’s new film “Palace” with Russian actor Alexander Petrov received zero “freshness” points. rotten tomatoes After its premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

At the time of writing, none of the 10 reviews were positive; Besides the negative reviews, the critics decided not to give the film any “freshness” rating, which is necessary for an overall assessment of the quality. your movie.

“A dizzying brutality that has suddenly become one of the worst movies of the year, maybe even of the decade,” the critic complained.

The movie takes place in a luxury hotel in the Swiss Alps. On the eve of the new millennium, the fates of hotel guests are unexpectedly intertwined. In addition to Petrov, the film also starred Oliver Mazucci, Fanny Ardant, Mickey Rourke, John Cleese, Joaquin de Almeida and Fortunato Cerlino. The Russian actor played a bandit in the tape, he shaved his head for the role. The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival, and Polanski’s new film will be screened in Russia on November 23.

Formerly Julia Rutberg spoke About the robbery in an apartment in Moscow.

Source: Gazeta


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