Rita Dakota talks about her husband kissing the bridesmaid at their wedding 12:02

Singer Rita Dakota on her Instagram account (Meta’s owner is known as an extremist and has been banned in Russia) denied allegations that her husband, Fyodor Belogai, kissed her best friend on the lips at the wedding.

“You see this is my best friend’s cheek. But even if Fedya kisses her on the lips, everything is at home, everything is at home, ”Dakota joked.

It was about a photo from the newlyweds’ wedding, showing how the Dakota hugged a man and her husband standing next to her kissing the bridesmaid.

Rita Dakota and clip producer Fedor Belogai famous Second wedding in Bali. They officially registered their relationship on May 24, 2023, the couple signed an agreement in Moscow MFC, where they arrived by scooter. The couple abandoned traditional attire: they wore tracksuits, and the bride completed her look with a veil. Fans waiting for the couple near the center with flowers, posters, balloons and crackers sang “Children of the Rave” for the star.

In August, the couple flew to Georgia, where they got married in an Orthodox church. Star saidHe said that the problems with the ceremony started from the very beginning. Border guards detained the celebrity’s husband and brother, but after learning of the purpose of his arrival, they “pitied” and allowed the men to pass.

Formerly Alena Vodonaeva announced The “criminal” behavior of Anastasia Volochkova.

Source: Gazeta


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