Scholarships and awards for the dance of Samuel Olariaga

I feel more identified with contemporary dancebut she says she wouldn’t be the same dancer without him. classic formation “Because it gave me so much.”

Actually, that dancer who is today Samuel Olariaga MoyaShe is a sixth-year student at the José Espadero Professional Dance Conservatory in Alicante. classicalalthough he has yet won a number of scholarships City of Castellon Dance Competition and Davalos-Fletcher Foundation Translation Awardthe latter was equipped with 4,000 euros for its contemporary interpretations.

Scholarships are for dormitory stay. BT Young Dance Company and in the company face fire; Fellowship in Interpretation and Choreography for classical and contemporary María Ávila Outstanding Dance Conservatory; scholarship for him Good Project 2023 and stay inside Heidelberg Ballet.

As for the Dávalos-Fletcher Foundation Award, it is “important” to the dancer because 24 nominations made it to the semi-finals, of which only 4 made it to the finals. “I came with three choreographies, two by me and one by Asun Noales, and did one of my own dances in the finale.”

That’s why “it’s a gift and I feel so lucky” assures this young artist mentions Asun Noales as a reference: Mamen Garcia Y carmela garcia “who are the teachers accompanying me these months” and also angel juarez“For helping me grow as an artist and dancer”.

This classic-contemporary dichotomy is what gives this artist power. Born 19 years old in Xàbia The person who went to conquer the world at a very young age after discovering that his main goal was dancing when he saw his cousin dancing. “They signed me up for a lot of things, and I didn’t like anything until I went to my cousin’s ballet premiere and signed up.”

Urban, classical and contemporary dance

he started With urban dance in Dénia and won many awards. Wood was there because the same judges of these competitions encouraged him to start with a “more academic” dance.

Dancer Samuel Olariaga. Jesus Vallinas

Between the ages of 13 and 16, he combined the classic and the contemporary. Liuva Horta. It didn’t go bad either, as he got different scholarships to study at the university. Tzahala Dance School in Tel Aviv and in Ballet Jeune Europe in Paris.

on his return he entered Dance Center of Catalonia by Joan Boix and Roser Muñoz, but an injury in the way. “I was injured, came home to recuperate and decided to reach the fourth classic. Alicante Professional Dance Conservatory“. It was in January 2020.

Everything seemed small to Samuel Olariaga. Login after quarantine Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance Mariemma. “I had to quit due to another injury and when I recovered I went back to the Alicante conservatory to continue my fifth year classical dance training.”

Starting with the sixth, she auditioned in November 2021. Young Company Gerard Collins Contemporary dance in Valencia led by Mamen García. “I went in as a cover and they finally gave me the opportunity to be a part of all parts of the company.”

He returned in December to attend another audition. On this occasion for the GOOD Project led by Asun Noales at Elche. “Since January, I’ve been combining the sixth of the classics in the mornings, the GOOD Project in the afternoons, and Gerard Collins on the weekends at the Alicante Conservatory”.

In addition, he passed the exams in April. Valencian Advanced Dance It was directed by Joan Crespo and was also signed to the cast as a dancer. This adventure will begin next July.

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