Geeks empowered by the pandemic

Today, May 25 is celebrated geek pride dayis a trend that is more fashionable than ever and is growing in influence among brands and companies. This is what emerges from the assessment of Eduardo Irastorza, marketing expert and professor at EAE Business School. World geek coincides with the international day.

According to the business school professor, the nerd world has come out stronger from the pandemic and growing in popularity thanks to video games and cult blockbuster moviesbut also expansion into other fields such as astrology and paintball.

This cow community started to gain strength generation millenniums and now there are two well-differentiated currents: those from Western, North American superheroes. astonishment; and from the east, dress sleeve Japanese. Both trends coexist and influence each other, having a positive impact on the results of the companies behind them. geek productsDespite the global economic crisis caused by Covid-19, it has recorded significant growth. So, for example, The Pokémon Company has amassed its fiscal years since 2017 with excellent results, posting revenue of $169 million in 2020, 19.4% more than in the previous year.

In Europe and North America, the cinematographic world dominates the nerd world, thanks above all to the popularity of hits like. Star wars, Star wars, harry potter or any of the endless characters of the Marvel family. Therefore, it is not strange Among the highest-grossing movie franchises in the United States are those with the most nerd followersled by wonderful universethen the saga Star wars. Similarly, the legacy of characters or series created or co-created by Stan Lee is preceded by The Avengers ($4.97 billion), followed by The Avengers. Spider Man (with a legacy of 4.84 billion euros) and x MenWith $3.18 billion.

Therefore, according to Eduardo Irastorza, “cows are an important part of the show and the producersand brands are trying to take full advantage of it”. To this end, big data plays a fundamental role in identifying them. hardcore fans and pamper them by offering them special products and alternatives.

But what is it to be a geek?

According to Eduardo Irastorza, “The freak phenomenon is a clear manifestation of a new pattern of audience segmentation.. Today attitudinal criteria are imposed on sociodemographic ones, and tastes are already above age, income, position, creed or race”. That’s why the differences between fans and nerds are becoming more common, expanding into other fields: moving from the cinematographic world to video games and collecting, through astrology or Paintball.

“All the big brands in the massive and diverse entertainment industry are today “geekism‘. From Disney Even McDonald’s, who created the special sauce ‘Schezhuan’ for fans of the Rick and Morty series, says EAE expert. That’s why companies always try to exist in this ecosystem, “especially toy brands like Hasbro, Lego, Mattel or funkodedicating more than half of its creative investments to specific productions of cult personalities”.

Therefore, the sale and resale of productions for collectors already carries tens of millions of dollars. Video game makers live for geeks who like it early adopters Y heavy usersnecessary for the development of their products. “Geeks are one of the most active groups on social networks: they nurture and drive the conversation and companies through technology and data analytics,” adds Irastorza. This is especially important in the world of video games, where key brands engage with their fans and help them value and project.


Manga Hall in Alicante with pictures

Contracts that drive millions of geeks

EAE professor Eduardo Irastorza believes that a return to normalcy once restrictions are lifted due to the pandemic will determine that major festival and meeting events will return to the geek world’s agenda stronger than ever before. Therefore, major conventions sponsored by the big brands in the entertainment industry are expected to mobilize millions of people around the world as an important resource not only for the brands but also for the cities that host them.

One of the most important and oldest (started in Michigan in the 1960s) International Comic Book Convention, San Diego Comicsfocuses on the world of comics. Throughout its history, it has been held in hotels, congresses and even universities, gaining recognition according to its types. Sheldon CooperThe main character of the Big Bang Theory series. That’s why hundreds of thousands of people who were invited earlier this year (often resold at high prices online) are expected to attend one of the four days of the event, which will take place from 21 to 24 July.

Another event is the Comic Market, known as Comiket, held in Tokyo. Twice a year, over 35,000 Manga fan groups come to this gathering to learn all the news of this comic genre, which is equivalent to 40% of all Japanese annual publications. Currently, Manga has moved into movies, TV shows, video games, decoration, fashion and street marketing, and its fans are spread all over the world. So, for example, the latest edition of the book Japan Weekend MadridOtakus has gathered over 140,000 geeks dressed as their favorite characters like Crossplay (disguised as the opposite sex) or Furries (disguised as an animal).

For the so-called baby boomers and ‘classy’ geeks, there’s the Angoulême International Festival, where great funny gurus meet to pay their respects to figures like Hergé, Moebius, Eisner or Tardi. They can also go to Lucca Comics & Games in Italy, which has over 15,000 exhibitors in 30,000 square meters.

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