Alicante natives Antonio Cremades and Claudia Serra at the VI Playwriting Tournament

Alicante playwrights Antonio Cremades and Claudia serra they will upload their text to the VI ring Dramaturgy Tournament organized by Valencia Institute of Culture, A promotional activity throughout the Valencia region, eight dramatists and dramatists, two from Castellón, two from Alicante and four from Valenciathey will face off in pairs presenting approximately 30 minutes of texts read by two professional actors or actresses in a boxing ring.

Also the first match of the quarterfinals 30 May at the Teatre Arniches in Alicante, the second will be on 1 June at the Teatre Principal in Castelló and the third and fourth at the Teatre Rialto in València on 6 and 8 June. The winners of each fight will meet in the semi-finals on 14 and 16 June at the Rialto, with the grand finale again on 18 June at the Teatre Rialto.

This project is prestigious Girona High Season Festival 11 years ago by the playwright Jordi Casanovasand edited by CREADOR.ES in València before IVC took over in 2016 and 2017.

Managing Director of IVC, Abel Guarinoshas been responsible for announcing the name of the master of ceremonies, who will be Xavi Castillo, who will be presenting each session on this occasion. The actor presented the writers participating in this issue one by one and the nicknames they would use in fights like in a boxing tournament.

These are: Albert Bellés, Eel Fenix ​​de la Plana; Paz Palau, L’Oliveta d’Almadrava; Antonio Cremades, El Tirilla del Valle de las Uvas; Claudia Serra, La Tintorera de la Marjal; Amparo Vaya, La Pelaïlla de Morvedre; Jessica Martinez, La Jessi; Manu Valls, L’Huracà de Godella and Emili Chaqués, El Moreno d’Al-Andalus.

Claudia Serra and Antonio Cremades. Cristina Martinez

Authors will not know the actors who will represent their texts. until two hours before the performance. In each of the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final stages to be held in the three provincial capitals, it is the public who will vote for the winning work; all with free admission.

In previous editions, this event was among the winners Juli Disla With text in 2016 crocodile girls; to Mafalda Bellido in 2017 dog; a Adrian Novella in 2018 latecomers; a Borja Lopez Collado in 2019 hypochondriac; and in 2021 with Sergio Serrano termites.

The last one present at the press conference quoted the exact phrase that was part of his text, the winner of the last edition, and the eight texts that were included this year: “We could spend hours staring at the rafters that support the roof of your house and we wouldn’t see anything.”

The winning author or winning author will continue to participate in the Dramaturgy Tournament of the Girona High Season Festival.

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