Miller brings a romantic tale about the power of stories to Cannes

Seven years after ‘Mad Max: Fury road’, George Miller returns to Cannes with ‘Three thousand years of longing’ with Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba, a fantasy film, the opposite of its famous epic, a romantic tale “anchored in reality” and claims the power of these stories.

Based on a story from an anthology by British AS Byatt. It was deactivated shortly after its release in 1994, The film will be screened out of competition and will be released in the United States at the end of August and in Spain on September 2.

“It shocked me when I read it and stayed with me this whole time, the story is powerful and it seems to me it includes almost all the big issues that affect people,” the director said at a press conference this Saturday. , already immersed in the next installment ‘Mad Max’.

“We’re working on it” is all he said about “Furiosa”, A movie set fifteen years before Fury Road and starring Anya Taylor-Joy as Charlize Theron.

“Three thousand years of longing”, a copy of Aladdin’s present-day story, with a “flashback” to the past. Tilda Swinton plays Alithea, an intellectual, narrative expert who goes to Istanbul for a conference and buys an old bottle from the flea market.

for revealing him in the hotel room frees the genie, Idris Elba, who granted him the classic three wishes. But naïve and reluctant to express them, Alithea buys time by listening to the stories she tells of how the genius got there.

Miller explained that Byatt chose this out of all the stories in his book because saw an authenticity in it that made the story feel “very real”, despite talking about a genie in a bottle and reassuring that the key to fantasy is to transport the viewer to another world and make it feel real.

Tilda Swinton met Miller exactly five years ago at a party in Cannes. “I started talking to him and after a while I realized it was George Miller,” she recalls. They succeeded, became friends, and a year later the director sent him the script ‘Three thousand years’.

“He told me not to worry, it’s a small movie, a piece of camera. It’s a conversation between two people, but it’s huge, it was overwhelming when I saw it last night,” said the British actress.

Idris Elba, known for the TV series “The Wire” and a fixture in the pools for the next James Bond, He assured me that he nearly fainted when he got the call from Miller, and agreed, although playing the long-eared genius wasn’t exactly imaginary. Seeing that the character goes beyond the classical concept of genius, he got the role.

“I don’t see him as a hero, more of a weak soul, but when he meets Aletheia he realizes that his usual tricks won’t work and he needs to be brave.” He pointed.

Regarding the power of stories, Miller thought, the good thing was that they were open to interpretation. based on the experiences of each viewer. And along the same lines, Swinton got serious about the danger that there was “one story”.

“It’s up to you,” he told reporters, “you have to escape the single story, keep the contradictions going.different versions, difficulties, because especially in the last months we have seen how dangerous it is to have only one story.

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