Daughter Zavorotnyuk explains why she doesn’t drive

Anna Zavorotnyuk on Instagram (the owner of Meta is known as an extremist organization) admitted that she was afraid to drive on her own after an accident with a Gazelle and seven cars.

“A few months after I got the rights, I was in an accident involving seven cars. A gazelle flew over me, I was thrown to the side of the road, and the gazelle crashed into the remaining cars using the domino method. And after that I completely lost my desire to drive, ”explained Zavorotnyuk.

He noted that he moved to New York immediately after the incident. According to Zavorotnyuk, almost no one drives or owns a car in the American city because of parking problems. Arriving in Moscow, the girl thought about the need to start a car again, since “everyone has a car” in the capital. However, she noted that she still hasn’t recovered from her fear of independent driving.

Previously Zavorotnyuk took his grandmother to the monastery.

Source: Gazeta


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