Actor Ivan Shibanov talked about his relationship with a young lover

45-year-old Pavel Shabanov (“Commissioner”, “Free Letter”) began a relationship with 21-year-old Polina Domanova. She spoke about her relationship in an interview with a colleague in theater and cinema. woman shot .

We acted together in the movie “The Train Goes East”. And at first, Polya auditioned, was approved, and I already appeared looking for secondary characters. “No one in the group knew about us, and that was very touching.” She added that she was watching her young lover with admiration.

According to Shibanov, Domanova quickly takes up new hobbies and learns new things. “I like it, he gets on a new team, he gets girlfriends instantly, everybody loves him. She is simple, comfortable and seductive at the same time. This is obviously very exciting,” she said.

Ivan Shibanov was previously married to Olga Pavlovets. The ex-spouses, who separated after 10 years of togetherness, have a common son, Makar.

Source: Gazeta


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