Rolling Stones drummer left his wife and daughter multimillion-dollar fortune

The late Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts left his wife and daughter a multimillion-dollar fortune. Sun. It’s worth around £30m – around $36m.

This amount does not include the value of his goods in France.

Now the money will go to Charlie Watts Shirley’s 83-year-old widow, who after his death will inherit his daughter Serafina, sister Linda Roots and other relatives. He wanted his cars, including ones Watts never used, to be distributed to unknown buyers, whose names will not be released.

Musician died August 24, in a hospital in London surrounded by his family. A few weeks ago, it became known that Watts had to withdraw from the American tour of The Rolling Stones to recover from surgery. The media later wrote that the artist underwent heart surgery.

Source: Gazeta


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