Actor Grigory Vernik – about the filming of the movie “Centaur”, the struggle with his father and independent life Actor Grigory Vernik said that Yura Borisov motivates his colleagues on the set 07/14/2023, 13:23

– Don’t you think “Centaur” is akin to American cinema – in the spirit of Ilya Naishuller’s gory and special effects “Hardcore” and “Nobody”?

– Yes, one hundred percent, but I can note not the resemblance to the American cinema, but the fact that this is an interesting action story. Because I wouldn’t say the site is American. But he was very professional and cool.

– In terms of the site – what do you mean?

– I often watch the YouTube channel “Behind the Scenes” where they show how some movies are shot, it’s interesting for me. What we’re shooting here is Russian cinema at a very good level. High level of organization and attraction. All participants on the site were fully involved in the process. I had the feeling that there was no one to do his duty reluctantly. Everyone was set on fire to cool off.

– Did you audition for this role – or did you receive an invitation based on your previous experience?

– I was in the tests, but if I’m not mistaken, I was the only one invited to these tests. I was very satisfied. We did not know Kirill, we first met at the audition. At first I thought this was a strange man. But we talked, we read, we talked – and we had a good tandem.

– Have you contacted Ilya?

– We spoke to him once through the video link on the site – that’s all. We tried to find a solution for one of the scenes – to be honest I don’t even remember which one. It was night, we usually only shoot at night. I remember sitting in the car and trying to invent something.

Is it hard to work only at night? Or are you an owl?

– I’m an owl. I find it easier to stay up until 6am than to get up at 6am. But in general, when the shifts are only at night, you still get that rhythm – and the body itself starts helping you adjust to a new regimen.

Your character didn’t have much screen time. How many nights did you shoot?

– It seems to me, 5-6 shifts. By the way, this is also a good indicator. Yeah, my hero doesn’t really have a lot of screen time, but no one said, “Let’s go faster, we have to shoot everything to do fewer shifts.” Gradually, it was filmed in stages. The more time was needed, the more time wasted. Because everyone had a desire to be good.

– Do you think your hero is running out of screen time?

“Of course I would like to develop it further. I think the sequel should have a twin brother who will take revenge. (Laughs). But seriously, no, they didn’t. I think there is a balance there that helps create the necessary atmosphere. Nevertheless, this is a movie about the heroes of Yura Borisov and Nastya Talyzina.

How did you prepare for the incarnation of your hero? Maybe someone has adopted facial expressions with nervous tics?

“Actually yes.” I thought of a few of my friends who have tics of all kinds. I actually got this from director Cyril. Sometimes he makes certain movements with his mouth, I like it very much. We discussed the use of this gesture with him, he agreed. These are not all invented out of my head, they are actual mass twitches from various people I know. This is my first role in such a format, where you just have to be yourself: “I’m Grisha, hello, they approved me, I will be” but always in such a characteristic image. I really liked it, it was interesting.

– Did you communicate with Yura Borisov on the set? How do you remember it?

– Yes, of course. Yura seemed very interested and sincere to me. I watched how he behaved on set, how he prepared, how he devoted himself to the shooting process. For me, this is an example I’m trying to follow. Because Yura explores all the nuances. For example, we analyzed a scene where he wasn’t. She stood next to us and asked questions with interest, but I repeat, she was not present in this scene, she appeared in the frame later. And it seemed to me that a person is getting ready because it’s insanely cool. It does not preoccupy with the fact that “here I am, how I present myself”. Working for a common purpose. It is very motivating, even giving such good support. It helped me a lot.

– Before the thriller “Nobody” was released, Ilya Naishuller said he would show it to his father. Do you want to show the centaur to your father?

Of course I will show you. He’s coming to the gala. Let’s watch together, then discuss.

Does he like this genre?

– Yeah yeah. He likes different movies. Sometimes, much less often now, we just sit down to watch something together. We watched a lot of movies during the quarantine days. We sat together and watched movies. And yes, the action is always interesting.

Can you think of an example of business criticism from your father that really helped you?

– In 2020, it was still necessary to pass the tests, despite the quarantine. Since we were sitting next to my father, the samples had to be recorded together. And there we had such wars, arguments, explanations about what was right, what was wrong, why, what motivation, what came from where. But it helps. It’s great to have an experienced person who is selflessly willing to make you better.

– Did you become more daring before going on stage or in the frame after studying at the Moscow Art Theater School?

“Every time you get nervous just like the first time. It’s clear that there is some kind of clarity, but then you come across something that tells you: “Son, there is no clarity, you still don’t understand anything.” But in fact, this is probably the main buzz of this profession, every time there is a new buzz. You find something. Of course you gain experience. Experience is very important, that’s obvious. But I think the coolest thing is that you have to try it every time and you don’t know what you’re going to run into.

Do you have any rituals before going on stage to deal with anxiety?

– Before I go on stage, it always happens in different ways for me. For some reason there are performances that I am not worried about – for example, “Hamlet in Moscow” at the Bronnaya Theater. The genre of this performance staged by Konstantin Bogomolov is so close to me that I calmly go out and do my job. Before Hamlet, I can sit in the dressing room with the boys and chat and laugh. He’s on stage, he’s back. And, for example, we have the play “Veronica”, again staged by Bogomolov, in which I stand with bulging eyes, without breathing, with trembling hands so as not to miss a word. I don’t know, apparently there is still no one hundred percent certainty.

Meanwhile, Seryozha Gilev, who plays a role in “Centaur”, does not waste himself by chatting, drinking coffee and tea, waiting for the release of the site. What’s going to happen. In performances, everything also works individually for each particular occasion. I can relax here, but here I need to focus as much as possible.

Is this focus always necessary or is it just when you start playing a certain performance? Does a habit develop after repeated repetitions?

— I think it’s always necessary to focus. You should always focus on what you are doing as much as possible. In order to be flexible about it, you have to understand everything you are going to do, understand it to the end. If you don’t understand this, you start swimming by yourself, you reveal yourself first. And you also gather everyone around you, because everyone is connected.

“I mean, does this complexity persist over time or does it go away with experience?”

Still nerves. It is an external manifestation, only somewhere you bring these nerves inside, lock yourself in and quietly adapt, but somewhere, on the contrary, you have to remove it from yourself in order to calmly come out, talking behind his back. scenes.

– You said you’re brand neutral and can buy yourself something pretty cheap in the mass market. Can you name the two most expensive things? One in a spiritual sense, the other in a material sense?

The most expensive thing I buy is a TV. It was very important for me to understand how. I spent 2.5 months rereading all things television related. Understand which is the best company, which model. When choosing a TV set, I knew what each letter and number in the name meant. It is also expensive in the spiritual sense… I think of foosball, here it is in front of me. My girlfriend gave it to me on February 23.

How much did the TV set cost?

– I won’t tell.

At what age did you start living apart from your parents? Were you ready to live independently?

– Separately, I began to live in the fourth year of the institute. Apparently this is in 2020-2021. In general, everything is different! But not alone, I began to live with a girl, so together we coped with all new circumstances. They were new to me because I was a very independent person, used to the comforts of home. But somehow it changed. It even gives some inner freedom. If you don’t do something, you quickly realize that no one will do it, and that where you live is entirely up to you. An interesting, wonderful experience. I love to come to visit my family – right away, well, wonderful, my mother prepared everything.

– What was the hardest thing for you when you were separated from your parents?

– Probably explain to my parents that I’m living apart now. Now guys, relax, you don’t have to follow me, you don’t have to decide every step together, you don’t have to think about every little thing. I have my own mind, mind my own business.

– And in everyday terms, do you manage or your girlfriend?

– We are together.

– Many couples in love have a spot on the map that means a lot, it is associated with some special memories. Where is this place for you?

– In the Crimea. We actually started there. In the summer, we went to the Crimea with our classmates, among whom was Masha. It was probably the coolest vacation of my life. All of a sudden, my friends called me and said, “We’re flying tomorrow.” “I’m with you” I say.

For example, how do you see yourself at 30? Will you have children?

– Maybe someone will say that this is wrong, but I do not project myself 5-10 years later. Lately I think it’s even worth starting to do this just to outline some kind of plan. But right now I have no such plans. I would like to believe that at the age of 30 I will be happy that there are loving people nearby. Of course, we always wish ourselves the best. About exactly what would be best, I’ll know a little closer to 30.

The thriller “Centaur” directed by Kirill Chemnitz started at the box office. This is a story about a night taxi driver played by Yura Borisov, where the heroine Anastasia Talyzina sits – she also works at night. The film was produced by Ilya Naishuller, the director of the Hollywood action movies Hardcore and Nobody, and one of the roles was played by Grigory Vernik. The 23-year-old actor admitted the similarities between Centaur and American thrillers in an interview with, admired Yura Borisov’s approach to work and recalled how he began to live apart from his parents.

Source: Gazeta


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