Elena in the land of testimonies

On the afternoon of February 12, 1976, Elena Poniatowski Witnessed the mayhem caused by the punch Mario Vargas Llosa to give Gabriel Garcia Marquez. As the event shook the literary boom, pony He went for steak to relieve his friend Gabo’s bloating. “But what kind of reporter was he? I should have gone to make history!” would later reflect the woman who affirmed with great conviction that she owed everything to journalism: being a writer is prestigious, but I still consider myself a journalist”.

Elena Poniatowska Love he turns 90 today and they will pay tribute to him, including the mariachis. Palace of Fine Arts From the Mexican capital, where he arrived on a refugee ship in 1942. A French girl with a Polish surname learned to speak Spanish on the servants’ land, in the room and kitchen on the roof of the bourgeois house, and later, thanks to that “servants’ Spanish,” was able to speak Spanish. everything in his pocket Mexican and became one of the key figures of the North American country.

She planned to become a secretary, but a friend of her family invited her to be interviewed. Excelsior. He agreed because he thought that this way he would get to know his host country in depth. i talked to the author the same thing Alfonso Reyes what with the actress Maria Felix. Faced with his false purity and innocence, his interlocutors lowered their guard and confessed. He once asked the director of the National Institute of Nutrition if one of the biggest problems in Mexico was malnutrition. “–Unfortunately yes, Elenita. –And in China? –Not in China. –But they have no freedom there. –So Mexicans are starving, but are they free? –Oh, Elenita!”

The reporter, whose name is a Polish dancer, would “really” come to life in markets, prisons and social movements. On October 2, 1968, when he learned that the student protests were being suppressed militarily, he immediately went to speak. political prisoners. Then he gathered more testimonies and put together a choral tapestry, which he named all along. This evening from tlatelolco.

Elena Poniatowska has also written novels, short stories, essays and biographies, but what has always made her recognizable is her dedication to direct literature. left politics). He was awarded an award in 2013 for his extensive and diverse work. Cervantes Award He came to greet her in an indigenous costume from his magical Mexico, in keeping with the baroque style on the pulpit of the University of Alcalá’s auditorium, and defined himself as a traveling historian, rising to the pinnacle of Spanish literature. . Because “the advantage of being this short is that people see me and tell me everything.”

‘Tlatelolco night’

Writer: Elena Poniatowska Love

Editorial: school and may

328 pages. €18,90

Source: Informacion


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