Transgender blogger Hilmi jailed for 12 days after fight in “Tasty – that’s all” 15:36

Transgender blogger Hilmie Forks has been sentenced to 12 days in prison for erratic behavior following a fight at a fast food restaurant called Tasty, and that’s it. This was announced by Forks’ lawyer, Konstantin Erokhin. telegraph channel.

“Everyone is in shock. We will appeal,” added the human rights activist.

He said the defense is hoping for lighter sanctions — a fine — against the blogger. The lawyer stressed that Forks was “just defending himself” and therefore did not find the arrest warrant correct.

At the same time, on the morning of July 14, Erokhin published a long article on Forks affairs, in which he talked about the results of the week. It was noted that in addition to three administrative cases, a criminal case was filed against the blogger, in which he was given a written commitment not to leave the country.

“For the fourth day, there has been a revealing persecution and violation of rights against a young man. She cries, she is afraid because we do not understand what will happen today and what to expect, ”the lawyer admitted.

On June 13, the Simonovsky Court in Moscow held another hearing in the case of blogger Hilmi Forks. He was fined. The day after the Safe Internet League incident, Ekaterina Mizulina said Forks was detained in Moscow. This was due to suspicion of a public demonstration and distribution of pornographic material. A criminal case was opened against him. A restraining measure was chosen in the form of a written commitment not to part with the blogger.

home blogger published He posted a video on social media apologizing for the fight. Forks said he was aware of his guilt and urged his subscribers to learn from their mistakes rather than pursue them.

Earlier, the State Duma at the third reading accepted gender reassignment law

Source: Gazeta


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