Ivan Krasko is in intensive care. What is known about it 14:48

Vyacheslav Smorodinov, director of Ivan Krasko, told socialbites.ca that the artist’s St. He confirmed media information about his hospitalization in St. Petersburg. As Smorodinov said, the actor fell ill in the country, stopped speaking clearly and feeling his leg.

“Everything is correct. They took him from the hut, he fell ill. Nearby was the son of Fedor, he was in the country. He asked for help, and the son realized that something was wrong. He stopped feeling his leg, stopped speaking very clearly. An ambulance was called, a regional ambulance arrived, and St. taken to Petersburg. I do not know yet (about the estimates of doctors – socialbites.ca), he was taken to intensive care, ”said the author.

Previously, Krasko’s St. About his stay in intensive care in one of the hospitals in St. Petersburg reported According to Telegram channel 112. The player has been diagnosed with paralysis side effects.

Krasko was already hospitalized in 2023 – he was at Elizabethan Hospital from January 6-19 with a confirmed suspicion of a stroke. “Yes, I’m discharged, everything is fine,” Krasko said after he was discharged. Elizabeth Hospital thanked the doctors for their professionalism and responsive, “great” attitude.

Previously in Sovremennik answered to reports that actress Marina Neelova was hospitalized.

Source: Gazeta


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