Blogger Hilmi Fork fined after fight 12:04

Transgender blogger Hilmy Forks was fined on petty hooligan charges for starting a fight at a fast food restaurant called Tasty, and that’s it. This was explained by his lawyer Konstantin Erokhin in his announcement. telegraph channel.

Other details of the past court session are still unknown and the amount of sanctions is unknown.

On June 13, the Simonovsky Court in Moscow held a hearing in the case of blogger Hilmi Forks. As before aforementioned “Vkusno – that’s all.” He also hoped that the punishment for misconduct would not be too severe.

Already on the eve of the blogger published He posted a video on social media apologizing for the fight. Forks said he was aware of his guilt and urged his subscribers to learn from their mistakes rather than pursue them.

The day after the incident with the fight, Ekaterina Mizulina, president of the Safe Internet League, said that Forks was detained in Moscow. January was suspected of public display and distribution of pornographic material. A criminal case was opened against him. A restraining measure was chosen in the form of a written commitment not to part with the blogger.

Formerly Roskomnadzor reportedIt will be the first report on the video service for LGBT propaganda in the movie “Playing with Keys”

Source: Gazeta


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