Guillermo Heras, the spirit of the Alicante Writers’ Theater Show, dies

“I’m a generation from the 80’s showed a great management effort of the last century streamlining and de-bureaucracy of administrative models which was already outdated. It is enough to examine a portion of this History to see that we have obtained some interesting results. partisan depoliticization of public cultural administration and streamline the daily administrative processes in performing arts life. So to create in artistic freedom, Although I have always argued that they are subject to the necessary economic controls marked by certain administrations. These words, in which Guillermo Heras bids farewell to the director of Muestra de Teatro Español de Autores Contemporáneos de Alicante in 2021, also serve to bid farewell to this cultural manager, writer, director and theater teacher who passed away a few days ago in Buenos Aires. Before she turned 71, after suffering a stomach ailment that took her to intensive care, it’s where she did what she always loved to do, working for the stage with that “artistic freedom” that she carried the flag of.

Guillermo Heras in one of the editions of the Alicante Writers’ Show. rafael arjones

Guillermo Heras was the creator and promoter of the Alicante Writers Show in 1992. Spanish authorship and expanded the presence of the Ministry of Culture outside of Madrid and managed to get this theatrical event in 2013. Max New Trends Award to promote contemporary dramaturgy. throughout these he knew how to earn trust for almost three decades succession of different political and political forces byNAEM, Diputación and Alicante City Council, and the best names in live drama have passed through Alicante, as well as directors, translators and actors who now see the city as a theatrical reference point.

“I have no doubt that this journey, like any trajectory of a cultural project, has its lights and shadows and will resonate with critics and historians. Evaluate its significance in the intervening years. Either way, I think by weighing their activities, achievements can make us proud “To the team that has been running the Show for 29 years,” he reassured in 2019.


Actor and director of the group gadfly (1973-1983), director of the National Center for New Stage Trends (1983-1993 and current president of the Spanish Association of Managers, also technical secretary of Iberescena, part of the Piedmont Project and the collective) Shipyard Theatre. He has directed the works of many authors besides Calderón, Brecht, Cervantes, Pasolini, Koltés, Mayorga, Lope de Vega, Lorca and Durringer.

Guillermo Heras received the Max Nuevas Tendencias Award given to the Alicante Writers’ Show in 2013. LUIS CAMACHO

He also directed the opera.s cold water crystal by Marisa Manchado and Rosa Montero; Forest by Diana de García Román and Muñoz Molina and Rigoletto by Verdi among others. Made in Argentina macbeth pictures By Rodrigo Garcia, critic Juan Mayorga and donkeys Cleopatra by Rojas Zorrilla, all at Teatro San Martín.

Wrote as a playwright Useless light of the night, Girl, Pearlescent eyes, Rottweiler And Accidents and wills, among others. He has conducted workshops in direction, stage direction and dramaturgy in numerous Ibero-American countries.


HE Performing Arts and Music Documentation Center I advertised online. “Today he left us in Buenos Aires, just as he lived: from the perseverance and simplicity displayed by the few wise men in the world, new languages ​​are born. Co-founder of the Tábano group, never lose the humor and disrespect from the first steps”.

The INAEM, as they say, must have been piloted. renewal and crossover of species from National Center for New Natural TrendsHe directed between 1983-1993. “Some of us are there for the first time contemporary opera; others managed to show contemporary dance shows at a state venue for the first time; Major playwrights of the 21st century They kept an eye on their weapons in that creative space that was the headquarters of the CNNT. Olympia roomunder the protection of Guillermo, who is himself a playwright and director”.

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