Lucas Escobedo brings “Paura” to Madrid’s Circo Price Theater

Achieved with Lucas Escobedo paura Be the only person from Alicante to choose the Max Awards for Performing Arts next June 6th. Earlier, his company will be at its premiere Circus Price Theater in Madrid This comedy show with live music on May 21 and 22. In this montage, Escobedo, who was already presenting on that stage yolo In 2019, Lucas Escobedo brings the virtuoso artistic skills of Raquel Molano, Alfonso Rodríguez and Marta Sitjà to the stage.

In the language of the clown, with humor and circus accompaniment, this piece about horror, theater concert format, I’m looking for poetry and laughter. There are as many types of fear as there are people in the world. The goal of Lucas Escobedo’s company is not to offer a series of each, but to use them as tools. springboard to jump into the void and spread the wings of humor he is in flight. Fear is in each of us; I wish we didn’t feel it, but we carry it inside us.

This emotion has never been a good counselor, and yet it is often what drives us. Artists shake hands through humor paura and they welcome it as a partner in a natural adventure. tragicomedy or comedy with melodramatic overtonesThe spectacle emerges from this collective storm of ideas, such as the daily life of fear, the expectation of the future, and the desire to return to normal before this emotion takes over our being.

paura he dives into the world of comedy to tackle the issue of horror from this angle. A mix of genres born from the depths of each human being, where crying and laughter go hand in hand and intertwined, surprising each other with their constant correlation.

The Lucas Escobedo company soon found itself contemporary circus groups most exciting today. after the success yolo (FETEN Award 2019, Best Large Format Performance Award and Best Sound Field Award; Best Circus Performance Award at Valencia Performing Arts 2019 and Max 2020 Awards nominee for Raquel Molano as best show and best musical composition for family audiences) returns with a show that brings together music, humor and circus creators.

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