Author Domingo Villar has died at age 51.

A death that leaves an impression for thousands of readers who are addicted to the world of crime fiction in Spain, and especially to the epic played by the charismatic inspector Leo Caldas. writer from Vigo Sunday Villar He died at the age of 51.

Villar has been since the early hours of this Monday. He was torn between life and death. He was admitted to the intensive care unit at Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital after suffering a bleeding subarachnoid hemorrhage in the space between the brain and the surrounding membrane.

Literary father of Inspector Caldas taken by ambulance Beade hospital center around 5 am last morning. All this time, his health condition was very serious, he was brain dead. Until the very last moment, however, the author’s environment remained hopeful that he would finally recover, something that did not happen by confirming his death at the end of eight o’clock this afternoon.

Although Villar resides in Madrid, he was taking care of his mother in his hometown when this serious health issue struck him.

Born in 1971, Domingo Villar is the main representative of the noir boom in Galicia, thanks to the epic of works played by the inspector Leo Caldas. That trilogy-Pots of water, A praia dos afogados Y or the last boat— Adjusted at different settings of the Vigo estuary and its region.

“The city of Vigo, the estuary, the climate, the dual way of being a rural and an urban city at the same time, a border region … All this makes a blast in the way I write“, Villar reflected in a recent interview with FARO on the occasion of his recognition as Vigués Elite last March.

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