Michael Connelly: “I don’t trust the judicial system because there is so much corruption”

Few years ago, Michael Connelly (Philadelphia, 1956) went to watch a baseball game. Chance explains via videoconference from his Los Angeles home that he wants him to meet a lawyer who says he works from his car. From there came the idea to create Mickey Haller, defense attorney The one who turned his Lincoln Town Car into a mobile law firm. The author shaped his own epic with it, and now Manuel Garcia-Rulfostars in a television series he produced David E Kelley (‘Big Little Lies’, ‘Comeback’), just released on Netflix. with the title ‘Lincoln Lawyer’to adapt ‘Decision’The second novel in the saga was published in 2008 and has been republished by AdN on this occasion.

This caused the publisher to delay its launch until November. ‘Dark Hours’new case of famous and experienced cop harry boschwas originally scheduled for these dates. A detective journalist before writing successful thrillers, Connelly has always Based on true stories. “I talk to lawyers, detectives, police officers… and they tend to be the starting point for many of the stories I tell. In ‘The Verdict,’ I start with a little-known fact about a case where the defendant was found not guilty and then killed in the street—explains- Sometimes justice is served in court. It was the seed of this conspiracy that you see happening not in the street, you see the judgments of the judicial system. And there are parallel courts and justice”.

Connelly said, “I don’t trust the current judicial system. It’s not working well. there are many corruption. One of the worst things that can happen to you is to fall for it because the key is money. The treatment you get depends on whether you have the money to have a good lawyer defend you. Haller’s books explore these cracks through which the system slips.”

In ‘The Verdict’ and the show, a judge tells Mickey Haller that he has taken over the cases of his murdered colleague Jerry Vincent; one by Walter Elliot, Hollywood boss accused of murdering his wife and lover How are you today. Also, ‘Dark Hours’ begins with a real conversation with a cop. “He talked about how rare it is for two predators of similar psychological profile to work together. Here they are. two sadistic rapists”, Move on. In the book he calls the Midnight Men, they’ll come face-to-face with cop Renée Ballard (another headline from Connelly’s noir novels) and her star character. harry bosch. In fact, he is co-starring with Haller (paternal half-brothers) in ‘The Verdict’, but not ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’, warns the American author: Haller’s new television series is on Netflix and Bosch, commented on by Titus Welliver The seventh season premiered on Prime Video. “They don’t connect now because they are different studies, but I don’t know if it will be possible to negotiate in the future,” he says, unconvinced.

Connelly, who sold it More than 80 million copies Of her books in 44 countries, “there’s no magic recipe for success. In her case, she attributes it to “enormous luck, a little talent for storytelling, hard work, and having a good team that supports you and gets you word-of-mouth on your characters, as well as being able to write TV and movie scripts.” Note that the first novel in the Haller series was adapted for the screen in 2011, starring Matthew McConaughey (“Innocent”).

“I have my eyes on Ukraine and I am worried to see my country divided more than I have ever seen”

Four years ago, he appeared in the same newspaper very concerned about the course of Donald Trump and climate change. “I’m still worried today, but like the rest of the world, I have my eye on Ukraine. I worry about what will happen and why. Putin and Russia They felt the need to do what they did. Through my characters, I transfer my concerns into my books. And I see my country more divided than I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s hard not to be worried when you see the two sides gradually splitting up. With a very conservative right and a very liberal left and without the possibility of reconciliation,” he complains.

“There are so many lies on the Internet. We need to think more critically”

Haller begins by saying, “Everyone lies. Cops lie. Lawyers lie. Witnesses lie. Victims lie. A trial is a lying contest,” but adds, “Even the best liars betray themselves.” “The key to the book is that everyone lies. Haller must work in this forest of lies and seek the truth, a noble mission.” But today, Connelly continues, the internet gives us so much information, and many lies and inaccuracies are overlooked. And people don’t contradict him and believe anything if it fits their way of seeing the world. We need more critical thinking analyzing what comes to us from the computer screen with a more rigid magnifying glass”.

The ‘Night Session’ writer also thinks he doesn’t believe the series can kill the cinema. “If people don’t go to the movies, it’s because the cinema doesn’t respond to what people want to see. It is the cinema itself that loads the cinema. because at least in my country it only offers movies with superheroes on exorbitant budgets. People also want normal character narratives. A series allows me to develop a story in more time, I might have 10 hours to tell it. It’s the ideal way to do it,” he concludes, before committing to a new and up-and-coming protagonist for his novels.

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