David Bisbal: “I love the closeness of my audience, that’s how I enjoy life”

More than two decades have passed since this young man with iconic curls took second place in the first edition of the Operación Triunfo. Twenty years later, the curls disappeared, but the essence of David Bisbal remained intact. The man from Almeria is back on stage stronger than ever to present his eighth album I feel live and will be performing at Plaza de Toros de La Condomina this Saturday as part of the Murcia On festival programme.

The tour is starting but we don’t know how the new album will be, I feel alive. What can people find in it?

I really want the public to know about the new album, I think they will be surprised, because there are various styles of music, from high tempo, ballads, mostly to the rhythms of the eighties…

After twenty years of career, would you say you are more alive than ever as you name your album?

Altogether, I think this record very well symbolizes, as you say, the moment when I feel more alive than ever, both personally and professionally, and in which I am in with the energy that will continue for at least another twenty years of my career.

How would you describe these twenty years in the music scene?

During these two decades I have been exploring different vocal nuances and seeing how music is constantly evolving, changing voices and genres.

And how would you define your target audience?

I have had a great audience that knows very well how to adapt to all the changes that I am constantly presenting with different projects. This does not mean that everything is easy, because since the beginning of my career I have many followers who prefer songs, and there are others who wish that I constantly discover other sounds. I also enjoyed watching the families and followers increase as time went on, introducing me to these new bisbaleros that were born.

Do you still feel that fear before going on stage?

Whenever you want to take the stage, a sense of responsibility will always be with you because it represents your commitment to do your best work. Experience is also an important contribution, and of course the confidence of working with a solid team of your musicians, engineers and all the people who take the stage with you.

Do you think you would have achieved all these achievements if you had not been at the Operación Triunfo?

Of course, I would try my best to find someone who would make my dreams come true, record a solo album and start my career, but it was a dream that I could present my feelings with music thanks to Operación Triunfo.

What would I change about it? david bisbal?

I would change their nerves, their way of working, their productivity, and in general, I would change a lot of things to feel more prepared, but I also liked that everything happened naturally and spontaneously, which is something my listeners do all the time. thanked me for it. .

What is the formula for maintaining this success after such a rapid rise in the world? music?

We can talk about teamwork here, there’s a saying I always like to quote: “If I could see a little further, it’s because I’m on the back of a giant”. I have always liked to thank the work team for their dedication. Afterwards, I enjoyed trying to improve with discipline, and thankfully we have the opportunity to grow and learn every day, you just have to choose it.

In your opinion, participation in social networks and programs Sound Did they increase their audience and get them to show you what they are like?

One of the most important things La Voz has is that you can definitely get to know the coaches and participants better. It’s a program I’m very grateful for. I am a loyal fan of La Voz Kids and it is an honor to be able to participate in the discovery of the voices that will represent us in the future.

After going through a similar experience, how much do you empathize with the contestants of shows like La Voz?

Too much. I see myself more as an advisor or advisor, mainly because we are not judges.

which ones songs what people will find in the new round?

After its twentieth anniversary, a repertoire has remained so influential and powerful that I would like to continue to defend it on this tour, but obviously the repertoire, the stage and new songs from the Me Siento Alive album will be presented, giving life to a new repertoire. Show it with unforgettable moments.

done recently eurovision, was one of the candidates in the edition. If given the opportunity, would you accept the challenge?

When they gave me the opportunity to present three songs to represent our country at Eurovision, I gave myself 100% to achieve it, but in the end it did not happen. In any case, I can say that accompanying Rosa on this wonderful adventure is one of the most enjoyable moments in my entire music career.

In recent weeks, the video of him saying “How are the machines” has gone viral. How did you live?

I laughed out loud at all the memes they made during this time because some of them will truly be remembered and framed. I have always communicated with my followers in everyday language and it is very common for us Almeria people to say ‘máquina’. This came out on the way out of one of my concerts at the WiZink Center in Madrid, where I met a group of followers who asked me for photos. I love the closeness of my people and that’s why I enjoy life.

You are still one of the biggest representatives of Spanish Latin pop. Is there pressure to keep the level?

It’s a commitment with music and with my record label to never give up, at least to try to keep up with the emerging musical trends over time. Also, I have to say that having to do this is a lot of fun. How boring life would be if everything was simple!

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