Guided tours and workshops at MUA for Museum Day

The University of Alicante Museum (MUA) participates in the celebration of the International Museum Day (DIM) with its own event program under its global slogan The power of museums. Activities recommended by the MUA it will start this wednesday and end next sundayWith guided visits, workshops and the Great DIM Party to the exhibitions MUA is currently hosting.

Celebration at 12 o’clock on Wednesday guided tour of the exhibits: Exquisite Body, Anonymous Identities, Hug. One gesture exception, Mulier, mulieris, Corpograf√≠as. The trunk in the MUA collection, L’Alcudia 25 years, Espai Arcadi Blasco and Daniel Escolano Collection. MUA catalogs will be distributed throughout the day. To visitors.

The program will continue Big Dim Partyon Friday, between 17 and 20 hours, with family activitieswithout prior registration: artistic and recycling workshops, collective murals, 3D printing demonstrations, installations and animations around the educational project Mar sense plasticDeveloped with a celebratory theme by teachers and students of IES Victoria Kent in Elche and the UA Faculty of Education and others.

It will start at 11 am on Saturday with a guided tour of the exhibits followed by workshop visit corpographsdual programme: 12-13:30 and 17:00-18:00, a proposal that includes a multi-sensory creation workshop for families.

The program will end on Sunday, 22nd. Memeography workshop, creating memes for comicsBetween 11:00-13:00 Daguten Neighborhood Graphic School. Intended for family audiences from the age of 8.

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