Alicante Film Festival presents a sample of Ukrainian cinema

This Alicante Film Festival held on Tuesday Projection of a cycle of Ukrainian short films In cooperation with the filmmakers-Ukraine. This is an opportunity to make the country’s cinematographic work visible and to show their support for the country in these times of war. screening of short films, Alicante Cinema Meetingscelebrated Today and tomorrow at the University of Alicante Venue with filmmakers from the province who will share their work and concerns. It will also be offered Alicante Audio-Visual Association and the festival program will be announced

From 17:30 on Tuesday, the cycle of Ukrainian short films will be shown with the following titles: veteran drama by Rainer Ludwig and Tetyana Chernyawska; not now by Andrew Liuko; carousel Ihor Podolchak and forgiven By Yurii Martashevsky. These short films are released in collaboration with the Filmmakers-for-Ukraine platform, which is part of Crew United that connects people and helps Ukrainians in this situation.

Created in collaboration with associations, institutions and numerous colleagues from the film industry, this online platform aims to provide clear and up-to-date information on offers of assistance from all European countries. The aid and support targets Ukrainian filmmakers and their families, as well as disadvantaged groups and minorities in Ukraine, such as BIPoC, LGBTQIA+, Roma, people with disabilities, as well as children, the sick and the elderly.

social cinema

On the other hand, in collaboration with Alicante City Council’s Equality Department and El Corte Inglés, the Social Cinema cycle begins next week, which annually brings visibility to a current social issue and on this occasion is dedicated to the existence of social cinema. women in sport. “We are aware of the challenges and barriers that remain despite the progress in equality, how women’s sport has been underestimated and even made invisible throughout history,” said Vicente Seva, the festival’s director. “to give a voice to great athletes and to know through the work and sacrifice that it takes to be an elite athlete” through cinema.

The event starts on May 24 in the Cultural Space of El Corte Inglés with the feature film girl on the hook Rachel Barrera’s photo. The story of Encarna Hernández, who continues to dream every night that Encarna Hernández, who is about to turn 99, is still playing basketball as she was in 1931, when she was christened Girl with the Hook. Like 70 years ago, she reads the newspaper every day, keeping news about women’s sports and laminating it for her personal file.

25 May, a documentary about a woman who runs mountain marathons despite all the voices raised against her because of her physical appearance will come. A work by Sarah Menzies under the title mirnavator. You can see behind it skaterBy Cindy Whitehead, she is the first woman in history to appear on the cover of a skate magazine and claim to have produced skaters exclusively for women.

A scene from “Golden Girls” INFORMATION

Documentary about the Spanish rhythmic gymnastics group that won a gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Golden Girls, visible 26 May. Directed by Carlos Beltrán, this piece was filmed in 2006 when the gymnasts got together to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their deed.

Finally, May 27 Two of Paqui Méndez’s works will be screened: A documentary that aims to bring visibility to women athletes who have won international championships and Olympic medals, invisible champions Y Unlimited championsA choral work that shows the path full of pitfalls and obstacles that sportswomen must overcome in order to be successful in their discipline.

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