UA doubles summer courses and increases participation

About fifty courses, 48 ​​to be exact, integrate this year into the Rafael Altamira summer program from the University of Alicante. shape much higher than in the last two years and also to those who registered before the pandemic (43 in 2019, 19 in 2020 and 35 in 2021) and a commitment to returning face-to-face to normalcy to this activity after two years of online dominance.

from 48 lessons, 34 will be face to face, 7 duos and will be taught both face-to-face and online.4 semi-presentations and 3 online. This does not mean that they will study entirely at the UA Campus in San Vicente del Raspeig. 20 of them; It will be given in different University Spaces and Classrooms of 22 more provinces. Y 6 more in Alicante, between COOKIE –Alicante Town University is taking place for the first time with two courses on globalization and politics, Venue and Alicante Provincial Bar Association (Icali).

Director of the UA University Extension Secretariat, Larissa Timofevahighlighted the return to normalcy two years later and recovery of international courses, two joint ventures this year Lamar University-College of Business (USA) Y University of Missouri-Columbia (USA), as well as the return of the National Police Corps formation, which developed a theme this summer Youth violence in times of pandemic.

“The offer is very diverse, diverse and numerous, almost double the usual.In addition, more offers have been submitted this year, prices are maintained – they can range from 20 euros to 300 euros, depending on teaching hours and assistance – and in most cases registrations are already open,” said Rafael Altamira, as the pandemic has broken the inertia of the student community and enrollments have not yet been closed. he didn’t want to estimate the approximate audience his courses would have.

While details of programming can be consulted on the UA website by theme, date, modality and location ( Miguel Ortega, academic coordinator of the courses, underlined that many of the proposals (some of which can be incorporated into various themes) are “cross and interdisciplinary”, with priority lines reflecting the connection to the professional world. health sciences, law, education, environment, equality and diversity, business and corporate, arts and culture, engineering and architecture, and humanities.

In this way, Arts and Culture You can find courses that are already classic, such as Rock and Roll Business. Contemporary music business or an international course on modern music, one on gender, women and economics in the Middle Ages, or on voice acting and voiceover in Valencian. Equality and Diversity highlights one of the titles Joint education for peace and against sexist violence the other is about gender equality in the company.

The organoleptics of wine, desertification or forest fires in the Community of Valencia in the context of global change is covered, among others, in the following section: Science and EnvironmentMeanwhile Engineering and Architecture You can find suggestions such as an introduction to Deep Learning, an introduction to robotics or musical computing in elementary grades.

main commissioner and provincial head of Alicante National Police Corps, Elm IgnatiusHe stated that the course on violence against young people, given by professionals, aims to influence young people. risks to security and particularly to the victims, minors most affected in cyberspace. “Internet crime is a silent phenomenon, both because minors are unaware and because there is insufficient parental supervision. What matters is that there are vulnerable victims, sometimes stigmatized for the rest of their lives and even leading to suicide.” Del Olmo, after highlighting the experts who will teach the course.

on his behalf, Law Schoolwill offer three courses (free for members) that will deal with people with mental illness or intellectual disability before criminal law; legal technology: artificial intelligence in the service of law; and the new insolvency right and second chance after the reform of the revised text of the bankruptcy law. All underlined vice dean Ignacio Gally, who is the object of “huge demand for information” and social anxiety among professionals.

Lessons will be given from June to September ICALI at UA Campuses in San Vicente del Raspeig and Alcoy, University Venues in Alicante, Benissa, Calp, Cocentaina, Elda, La Nucía, Petrer, Sax, Villajoyosa, Villena and Xixona, and MACA and University Venue.

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