MARQ approaches Castro culture on Museum Day

to be known castro cultureThe target of the new MARQ sample, which developed in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula from the end of the Bronze Age to the beginning of our era, Atlantic Warriorpresented on May 18, coinciding with International Museum Day.

This Alicante Provincial Council join for it tenth consecutive year in events planned for loess, With a wide variety of events to be offered from Wednesday MARQ, Mubag and Cultural Institute of Alicante Juan Gil-Albert. The initiative, which also participated in the Alicante City Council, University, Aguas de Alicante and The Ocean Race cultural centers, is celebrated with the slogan “This year.The power of museums”.

The provincial institution also organized events around the Gladiators exhibition. Heroes of the coliseum is an example with different resources such as easy reading, 3D reproductions, sign language or braille reading, increasing accessibility for all audiences.

a Wednesday the 18th Guided visit to the Medieval Hall and workshop will be held Work like a medieval potterwith the participation of the group Education and Employment of the Alicante Down Syndrome Associationas well as the workshop my gladiator shieldfocused on the little ones Dr in Alicante Balmis University Hospital Hospital Pedagogical Unit. In the afternoon, a workshop will be presented around the exhibition. Atlantic Warrior For children aged 6 to 12 years.

Will continue programming of #DIM2022 over the weekend. animated visits, storytelling and workshops for all audiencesas well as some specially reserved activities ASPANION and APSA users. Workshops this year are geared towards demonstrating the process of organizing some fighting shows, learning about different types and equipment of gladiators, fighting rules and amphitheater.

Also, MARQ gardens will be the scene of a Saturday night night out. gladiator fight recreated by Roman Hispania Association. The show will be presented from 20:00 Munera Gladiator, that the development of a conflict and the rules of war will be represented. Also on Sunday, between 12:30-13:30, this association will represent Head nurse’s bedroom, here will show you the beauty and grooming tools of a Roman matron. Both activities are free access.

Vice President and Vice President for Culture, Julia ParraHe detailed the opening of a new exhibition at MARQ and events for audiences of all ages, such as gladiator fights in its gardens and free guided tours at the Gil-Albert Institute and MUBAG. ”. “With this wide and diverse special program, we want to invite citizens to visit our museums, which are one of our main cultural strongholds and attractions,” said the head of culture.


For the first time in Mubag on the occasion of the International Day of Museums guided visits newly opened permanent exhibition XIX century. collection in the light with an example almost eighty works were exhibited It will approach visitors with three guided passes on May 18, two at 12 noon and 6 pm. In the morning program, one of the passes will be presented in English. Spaces for this activity are limited and pre-registration is required by calling 965 146 780.

You can also access it through the museum’s website. audiovisuals of different thematic blocks from the permanent exhibition. From May 18-22, the exhibition will be able to be viewed virtually, and Internet users will be invited to find the different elements. Images can be shared on social networks to create an artistic album.

Gil-Albert Institute

Cultural Institute of Alicante Juan Gil-Albert It joins the 2022 International Day of Museums celebrations with the launch of a number of events around the world. exhibition Schwindel From Pego’s artist filiberto siscar. A guided tour with the artist and the curator of the exhibition is planned on Wednesday, 18 May at 19:30, Silvia Mercefollowed by a meeting where both will present the keys to understanding artistic creations. Schwindel It was one of the projects selected in the IV general call Art at Casa Bardin.

All museums will present magnets to their visitors with their motto. The power of museums and a representative image. In the case of MUBAG, Alcoyan shows the artist Francisco Laporta’s work Rosa Mística, Gil-Albert chose a detail from the facade of Casa Bardín and selected a piece from the MARQ Gladiadores exhibition.

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