Galician women’s mourning attire honored in Mexico

The power and sobriety of rural women Galicia It will take shape in the ‘Woman in Black’ exhibition, which shows Mexican A dozen outfits made by contemporary fashion studio D-due.

Made dresses and gowns for example, light black and white fabrics stand out in the gray settingOccupying one of the rooms of the Zapopan Art Museum (MAZ) in the western province jalisco.

Alfredo Olmedo, creative director of D-due, along with Charo Froján, told Efe that the pieces are original. inspired by women living in rural towns and decide to wear black permanent mourning after widowed or old age.

These women, in addition to being a mark of identity, Bearers of traditions and oral traditions of the Galician region.

is a link with “the rural root and also (representing) the female heir of all knowledge” and explained that “Galician society is represented as a “generating axis of the mechanism” and from a certain moment in his personal clothes the color black.

The pieces not only express the sobriety and sadness of the women who wear them, but also also the power that characterizes them, added.

“They are strong, tough women. They are always very present in Spain and especially in Galician culture.They are true icons because they are an important family pillar.”said Olmedo.

The designs that make up the sample are collector’s items and are part of the purpose of D-due. reflects traditional Galician dressFrojan explained.

A path made of ashes in front of the exhibition, with designs similar to those embroidered on clothes, carpets made by some Galician towns to decorate the streets During the Corpus Christi festival in June.

The exhibition is part of the MAZ Contemporary Fashion Design Programme. relationship between contemporary art and fashion.

‘Woman in Black’ will be open to the public until September 11 this year.

Source: Informacion


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