Singer Nastya Makarevich told how the deceased guitarist Kolchin came to the Lyceum group 13:02

In an interview with, the soloist of the pop group Lyceum Anastasia Makarevich described the guitarist Sergei Kolchin as an old-school musician and one of the best in Russia. The singer admitted that the news of the death of 45-year-old Kolchin shocked him.

“It hurts so much that Sergei left so soon and so suddenly. We were looking for a guitarist for a concert dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Lyceum band. Our sound engineer said that one of the best guitarists in our country is Serezha Kolchin. I called Serezha and invited her. She happily answered she. Truly one of the best, they don’t exist anymore. He is of the old school, of the old school, a high professional in his field. We have very complex guitar parts that not every guitarist can play. And when Sergey arrived, everything immediately came as it should. We worked together then. It was a very memorable concert – 25 years of the Lyceum group. Then we went on this anniversary tour, gave more than one performance, and Sergey always responded, always worked with us, ”Makarevich said.

According to the singer, she learned about Kolchin’s death from the social networks of other musicians.

“This news shocked me. Words of condolence to loved ones. It is so sad and sad that so many talented people left so early. I have some of the brightest memories because he was such a humble, kind and open person. He was always ready to suggest something, show something,” added Makarevich.

The death of Sergei Kolchin, former guitarist of the Zemlyane and Lyceum bands, was reported on social networks by his friends and colleagues, including the former leader of Zemlyane, Sergei Skachkov.

“Guitarist Sergei Kolchin (45 years old) has passed away. We worked together for 5 years (2012-2018). Rest in peace, ”wrote Skachkov.

Relatives of Kolchin do not indicate the cause of death.

Source: Gazeta


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