Oscar Kuchera complained of a misunderstanding after Galkin’s remarks on the criminal case

Chatting with TV presenter Oskar Kucera star shot In his last post, he stated that he did not want to offend his colleague Maxim Galkin. The broadcast was devoted to the initiation of a possible criminal case against the comedian for his anti-Russian remarks.

“It is unfortunate that this is happening in our country. It is difficult to express your own opinion, not everyone understands this. They misunderstood me – I did not write anything against Maxim, I just broke the news and stated that it was strange, ”Kuchera justified himself.

He added that he respects Galkin and his family. According to Kuchera, they communicate with a comedian at personal meetings.

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva went with their children from Russia to Israel in March. The humorist’s wife claimed in a video message that she left the country for treatment and entertainment.

Formerly Kuchera suggestedCriminal proceedings can be brought against Galkin.

Source: Gazeta


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