Kyiv Ballet to start tour of Spain in July

This Ballet from Kiev will begin a Spanish tour next July Tivoli Theatre, in Barcelona which ‘ will representSwan Lake’ Under the artistic direction of Ana Sophia Scheller.

The Kyiv ballet, which will be staged in Spanish theaters from 6 to 17 July, is currently performing in Italy.

Ukrainian company after Barcelona will present the show in Madrid, Bilbao, Seville and A Coruña, among other citiesthen the tour will continue in Portugal where they will stop in Lisbon.

The Kyiv Ballet consists dancers and ballerinas Ukraine Almost all of it and the company aims to show the world the values ​​that represent them and continue to convey emotions through dance.

Argentine-born, one of the brightest dancers in the world, Scheller has performed as a soloist with the New York Ballet, the San Francisco Ballet or the Kyiv Opera House, among others.

Scheller, the current artistic director of the Kyiv Ballet, is also He will interfere with some functions as the first dancer.

Tívoli’s owner, Balañá Group, and Goldberg Management will donate two euros for each ticket sold to the Red Cross for the reception in Catalonia of refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

The Red Cross has hosted more than 5,500 people in different areas distributed in 34 Catalan municipalities since the Ministry of Inclusion, Immigration and Social Security launched different devices under its acceptance and integration programme.

The Red Cross provides personalized coverage for the basic needs of IDPs: providing shelter, basic relief supplies and medical supplies, as well as empowerment and support, as well as enhancing emotional well-being and legal aid in the process of seeking international protection. at school.

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