Primavera Sound tickets in Madrid are trading lower on resale: “I got them cheap, but not even with them”

Those who buy tickets between 125 and 140 euros Primavera Sound from Madrid has resell them at deep discounts, up to 30% of the original price. The reason is simple: they can’t find buyers and would rather give some money than lose it all. The festival didn’t sell all the tickets, so resale dropped. This is not usual in this type of encounter. The same festival last year sold out in Barcelona just a week after tickets went on sale.

“It is better to lose 37 euros than to lose 132 euros”, comments on Marta, the young woman who bought her Saturday ticket for 132 Euros and finally sold it for 95 Euros because she could not go. “I understand, because it’s not out yet. But losing money pisses me off.”

For tickets and passes first edition celebrating the macrofestival Madrid They went on sale on December 1 at prices much higher than previous years. Overall subscriptions increased 245 to 325 euros for both Barcelona and Madrid versions. Day tickets gone 110 to 125 euros. In both cases, there were both more expensive options (with VIP tickets or cancellation insurance) and cheaper options (discounts for Madrid Community residents and Banco Santander customers).

Today, There are second-hand tickets for 170 Euros and daily tickets for 85 Euros. They appear on Wallapop, Milanuncios and social networks, but during the preparation of this article, Wallapop has removed some ads for violating the rules of use (does not allow resale of tickets). “I put my subscription up for sale on Twitter and the only offer I got A girl asking me to drop it for 150 euros”says Maria. “I said no kidding because it cost me more. I finally decided to go.”

I got it very cheap because I was thinking of selling it. But it is not. I’m having a hard time finding buyers.”adds Leyre, which puts its subscription on sale for 170 euros. Leyre lowered the price not only because it would have been impossible to place otherwise, but also because it was Wednesday afternoon. The festival announced that it was canceling Thursday due to rain. and storms affecting the “pre-production of the festival”. Season ticket holders do not yet know how much they will get back for this concept.

The organization reported on the networks that Thursday tickets will be available for either Saturday or Sunday. But he didn’t say anything about fertilizers. At the close of this article, he had not responded to a request for information from this newspaper. “In fine writing it usually says they do not have to return anything to you due to force majeure such as weather conditions”, Maria continues. “But it looks like City of Rock isn’t ready for rain. I don’t know what will happen in that case.”

Consumer organization Facua said Thursday that those affected by the cancellation is entitled to a proportional reimbursement of the payment. and full refund of the day ticket. At noon on Thursday, the festival announced that the leading actor of that day, Blur, will give a concert in the hall. La Riviera with a capacity of 2,500 people. Those interested, season ticket or day ticket holders, were able to book their access from four in the afternoon, but these “sold out in minutes”, according to the company. leaving many interested parties without the possibility of participating. Tickets for this instant event are non-transferable and cannot be resold, according to the festival’s claim.

“My hope is that they cancel the entire festival”

Having bought his ticket on Saturday, when Rosalía and Calvin Harris took the stage, Porto has been trying to sell his ticket for 95 Euros for a few days. “Because I’m hosted on a private platform, I had to announce it on Twitter. [primero la app Dice y luego Access Ticket] I can’t put it on ticketsswap [una popular web de reventa de entradas a su precio original]. but i can’t go I need to sell it so as not to lose 140 Euros. It cost me”, he explains. “I found everything: the people offering ridiculous amounts, the ‘ghost’ and Bizum’s scam attempts… I’m losing hope of selling it, so I All I have left is to cancel the festival to get the money back.”

Porto is holding on to rains in Arganda del Rey by 6 p.m. on Friday, according to AEMET’s forecast. In a statement released Thursday afternoon, the organization said it was planned. “Friday and Saturday feast days” “can be carried out normally”so there is no sign of cancellation at the moment.

The first edition of Primavera Sound in Madrid, weather permitting, The City of Rock in Arganda del Rey is a vast expanse, more than a forty-minute drive from the center of the capital. The venue was established in 2006 on land belonging to the Community of Madrid to host the three-time Rock in Río festival. City of Rock has the capacity to house 96,000 people, but the organization’s expectations are much more modest: they involve gathering together. 40,000 spectators per day, according to figures his director gave in an interview in El País.

The festival had no problem moving the public with entries from Thursday to Friday and Saturday, which shows location problem is not expected. Participation information will not be given until the end of the event. In Barcelona, ​​it was closed with 253,000 participants and an average of 65,000 spectators per day, 15,000 less than by 2022.

Source: Informacion


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