Madonna posts candid NFT that spawn plants

singer Madonna subtract Three concept NFT videos dedicated to motherhood and creativity (“Mother of Nature”, “Mother of Evolution” and “Mother of Technology”) are for sale. He announced this on Instagram (the company that owns Meta is considered an extremist organisation).

“I wanted to explore the idea of ​​creation not only through the birth of a child from the womb of a woman, but also through the creation of a work of art by an artist,” said the author of the hit “Like a Virgin.” ”.

The pop star worked on the design of the animation project with digital artist Mike Winkelmann, known under the pseudonym Beeple. In the first video, the singer appears naked against the backdrop of nature and structures made of glass and metal, after which she begins to give birth to a tree. In the second video, Madonna gives birth to butterflies in a post-apocalyptic setting against the backdrop of dumpsters of old cars. The third video, in which many biomechanical centipedes emerge from the artist’s body, represents the hope for the life-giving power of future science and technology.

Triptych will be raffling off at a special Creation Main NFT auction on the SuperRare market from May 11-13. Proceeds from the sale will be donated to nonprofits helping mothers and children around the world.

Formerly Madonna applied Requesting the Pope to reconsider his excommunication.

Source: Gazeta


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