A woman from Alicante at the Rei Jaume I 2023 Awards

This Rei Jaume I Awards 2023 already has a name. After about 3 hours of discussion hundreds of scientists and experts who made up the jury He selected the winners in each of the six categories from the 222 nominations submitted, including 21 Nobel laureates. Among them is Alicante. Guillermina Lopez BenditoMedical Research award

Awards established in those days by the Valencian biochemist Santiago Grisolia 100,000 euros were donated each to promote scientific research, environmental protection, the economy and entrepreneurship. Thus, after deliberation, the following were announced as winners:

This year’s award winners

Guillermina López-Bendito, neuroscientist PILAR CORTES

  • Carlota Escutia DottiEnvironmental Protection Award
  • Daniel MaspochAward for New Technologies
  • Antonio Echevarren PablosBasic Research award
  • Guillermina Lopez BenditoMedical Research award
  • Olympia Bover Hidiroglueconomics award
  • Alfonso Jimenez Rodriguez-VilaEntrepreneur Award

After the debate at Santo Domingo’s former monastery, the names of the winners were announced at a meeting.Solemn ceremony held at the Saló de Corts in Palau de la Generalitawith your presence Minister deputy Generalitat, Ximo Puig and president of the ship owner Valencian Foundation Rei Jaume I Awards Vicente Boluda And javier quesadasame chief executive.

In his speech in Bolu recognized “effort and persistence” Among the six winners who have become “a model to emulate” for their “exceptional contribution to research, science and entrepreneurship”, and some who have words of thanks For Puig: “Thank you, Ximo, for your support of these awards. It was huge and you contributed to their glorification and prestige.” Boluda was also confident about the regional government change that came out of the elections. of this “new political phase” those who take the reins trust research and get a “big deal for science”“.

The president, who led this action for the last time, acknowledged that it was “an honor to share this in these eight years”.

Nobel, heroes

declaration of winners closed two days of intense activity Rei Jaume I Awards Foundation 21 Nobel laureates These individuals, who are part of the large jury, have been heroes ever since, taking advantage of their Valencian presence, conversing with both the media and young researchers and students from the region. their visits to various research centers from three states. The entire jury this morning signed a statement calling on society to vote of confidence in AI, realizing that this new technology will “extend the frontiers of knowledge,” while also calling for “controls that regulate its proper use.” because it is not necessary to “ignore or minimize the risk that would lead to deviant use”.

Jury deliberation and nomination of winners only first part of the “agenda” Jaume I since 2023, after the summer, usually at Lonja de los Mercaderes in Valencia, kings, VI. The award ceremony will be held with the participation of Felipe and Letizia.

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